Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

The angel checked the list of names of the spirits due to head down to Earth soon. Only one more needed placement.

She tipped the clipboard so God could see the last name on the list.

“Where are we going to send her?” the angel asked. “She’s a unique one.”

“They all are,” said God with a smile. “But you’re right, this one requires some thought. She has a gentle heart. If we send her some place too harsh, it will break her.”

“Gentle heart?” the angel asked. “Did you hear how she snapped at me yesterday? That one has a critical streak in her. She was upset because we’d placed the flower bed too close to the fountain and the mist from the water sprayed her in the face when she leaned over to smell the roses.”

God chuckled. “Yes, she is a little sensitive to physical discomfort. We’ll have to find a family that will be understanding of that. And we'll need a mother who will teach her to be sweet to those in need and accepting of those who are different; someone who doesn't gossip and who never speaks an unkind word about anyone.”

“This spirit is not very observant of those around her, either," said the angel. "Last week, I could have used some help moving the baby spirits to a new nursery. I must have walked past her twenty times, loaded down with boxes. But there she sat with her nose stuck in a book. She didn’t even notice I needed help!”

“Hmmm, yes. She is a bit self-involved—”

The angel snorted.

“Perhaps more than a bit,” God conceded. “But it’s not because she doesn’t want to help or won’t help if you ask her. She simply focuses so hard on what’s immediately in front of her that she doesn’t notice what’s going on around her. We’ll need to put her with a mother who can teach her to look beyond herself; a mother who is very, very good at giving service to others; a mother who will drag her along and make her help give service to the needy and the elderly. This spirit will need the constant reminder that a mother’s good example offers.”

"A good mother like that is going to be hard to find,” muttered the angel. “We have so few of them. Seems a shame to waste one on this spirit.”

“Waste?” asked God with a frown.

“Poor choice of words. But you know what I mean. Will this one even notice?”

“Given time, I think she will—especially when she grows up and is out on her own. She'll face situations where she won't know what to do and say. And she'll think to herself, 'If my mother were here, what would she do?' and then she'll go and do it."

"Well, if you say so," said the angel. "Are there any other attributes we need to consider?”

“She needs a mother who will encourage her talents; a mother who will praise this spirit's attempts at being creative, at writing—because when she faces the criticism of the world, she'll need the echo of her mother's words to keep her going. She'll need a mother who will be there for her, no matter what; who will support her through the hard times because she’s going to face more than a few of those. She needs a mother who will teach her my gospel and show by example how to live it. She needs a mother who will point out all the beautiful things of the world, who will help her work hard, who will be a bright and shining inspiration to her all the days of her life.”

The angel was stumped. She tapped her pencil on the clipboard, thinking hard. "I'm not sure we have anyone like that."

God smiled. “Yes, we do. I know just the mother for her. . .”

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful woman I've ever met—stunningly beautiful, inside and out. Blessed with so many talents and wonderful gifts of the spirit, you have been such a light and a strength to me. I never go wrong when I'm following your example. The greatest compliment I ever get is when people tell me that I am like you.

I cannot imagine a more perfect mother than you. I love you.



Chanté said...

That is SO beautiful. I'm in tears...what a tribute to your mother! And that first picture of her...she is STUNNING. I can see so much of you and your kids in her. Happy Mother's Day!

Sandra said...

I have always thought your mother one of the sweetest people I have met. And I truly meant it when I said you sounded like her yesterday.
Happy Mother's day to both you and her (and your lovely daughters)

Candace E. Salima said...

Absolutely brilliant, Karlene. That was beautiful. Happy Mothers Day to you.

Kenna said...


Suan said...

ditto what you said.... i only wish i could have written something so beautiful..every word of it is so true and i feel the same.... i love you mom.

Dan and Wendy said...

Heartfelt and very touching. Thank you for sharing that.

Tristi Pinkston said...

This is a beautiful tribute, Karlene!

Candace E. Salima said...

Our next Blogging Babe get together will be:

Saturday ∙ May 17, 2008
11:00 a.m.

Golden Corral

Sorry, I've been so preoccupied with Alvin's surgery and recovery I forgot to plan anything. So let's meet at Golden Corral at 11:00, rather than 10:00. We'll get our usual room and just get together and visit. It'll be great to see you all!

See you Saturday.

Jen E said...

This is just beautiful! What a wonderful way to tell your Mother how much you love and appreciate her!