Friday, May 09, 2008

I may not be a techno-geek, but...

Back in August 2006, I set up some blogs for my publishing company, Rosehaven. The main blog would allow me to do some marketing, as well as give authors who had submitted manuscripts to me a quick and easy way to check up on the status of their submission. I captured 4 other blog URLs that I intended to use in the future to help promote LDS books and authors.

Authors loved the original blog (especially the status pages, which have now been deleted) and it worked really well—except for the fact that my company closed 4 months later. With all the turmoil of moving and closing down, I forgot I had those blogs.

Then back in January, LDS Publisher asked if I was ever going to use THIS blog, and if not, could she have it. I was happy to give it to her but—uhm—I couldn't remember my user name or password and the file where I kept that info had been blown to smithereens when my computer crashed. I spent hours upon hours determinedly attempting to remember how to access the blogs, testing every user name and password combo I have every used, but no luck.

She ended up using THIS blog URL instead—and she's so mad she's barely speaking to me anymore. (Actually, that's not true. She's punishing me by making me help with the posts for the LDS Fiction blog.)

But anyway, that's a very long backstory to say that today, I tried again to access those blogs—and after 2 hours (added to nearly 10 hours spread over the past 5 months), I DID IT!

While I couldn't set the blogs up with the original Rosehaven Google ID (it wouldn't let me; I don't know why), I was able to add them to this profile. Yea!

I am so proud of myself. While I probably won't win any techno-geek awards for this, I think I deserve a smoothie or something. It s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d my brain to the limit.

I'll be releasing most of the blog URLs back into the ether soon, but I want to wait a few days, to enjoy the fact that I can, indeed, access them now.

And that, dear friends, is my home makeover/declutter project for this week.


Anne Bradshaw said...

Not sure I followed all that, Karlene, but it makes for interesting reading :-)

Just wanted to let you know that on Monday, I'm posting a blog from a superb photographer who is giving away THE best Salt Lake Temple screen saver set of 220photos free!

So be sure to come on over and partake!

Sandra said...