Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday: Some Kitchen Cabinets

I decided to do the Tackle It Tuesdays with my home makeover project, only I can't remember who hosts it. If anyone knows, please leave the URL in the comments section so I can play.

Today I worked on three kitchen cabinets. This first one we call the "treat" cabinet:
This is where we keep all the treats for the kids. They can eat anything in this cabinet without asking. I know, I can hear the gasps now. But my kids did not abuse this, as you can see in the "after" photo.
Things I threw out of this cabinet: 5 pounds of miscellaneous candy (leftovers from Halloween, Christmas, Easter, . . .), 2 packages of stale cookies, 3 partial boxes of very old microwave popcorn, and a few other this and that's.

Wondering why there's so much tomato soup in the treat cabinet? Megan took tomato soup for lunch for quite awhile. Then she got tired of it and this is what's left.

Next I tackled the "snack" cabinet. This is where we keep the baby snacks, the adult snacks, the dog and cat snacks, and the chips. Hard to tell them apart in this "before" photo:
Okay, about all those bags of chips...I only eat tortilla chips when I make nachos. I want my nachos to be big. When we get down to the end of the bag, the chips are all little and crumbly and don't do well for nachos. DH is supposed to be eating them but he's behind schedule. I took 7 partial bags of chips and put them all into one big bag for him. Aren't I a good wife?

Also tossed from this cabinet were expired hot chocolate, old stale crackers, and peanut butter that no one liked (plus it was about 8 years old). I feel bad about this because I'm sure there are hungry children somewhere nearby who would have loved to eat these things before they went bad, but . . . I'll do better in the future, I promise.

Last, I went through the "cereal" cabinet.
This one wasn't too hard because most of those boxes were empty or very nearly so. Don't ask me why I have so many empty boxes in the cabinet. I blame it on the kitchen elves.
Much prettier now. The sad thing is, I came across a cool bowl my sister gave me when my kids were little.

I kept this bowl out on the counter for years and it always contained little snacks and treats that the kids could have whenever they wanted. (Once again, amazingly, they did not abuse this.)

Look at it now.
I have no more little kids, no reason to fill up the bowl. (I'm tearing up now.)

I'll put it away for a year or two and then fill it up for my grandkids.

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