Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Your Refrigerator and You: The Key to Your Inner Psyche

Okay, okay. I know there's no such thing as an "outer" psyche, but it flows better. Really. Say it out loud:

Your Refrigerator and You: The Key to Your Psyche

Your Refrigerator and You: The Key to Your Inner Psyche


Anyway, I cleaned out my refrigerator this morning as part of my I'll-get-organized- if-it-kills-me! project. Here's the Before photo.

I'm really an organized person. Really. Just because you can't prove it by the shape my house is in doesn't mean it isn't so. "A place for everything and everything in its place" is not a platitude for me. It's how I would live if I were in control of my life.

Take, for instance, my fridge. I like my fridge organized just so. When I want a nouggie, I want to be able to open my fridge door and know exactly where to look for it. I want it to be in the same place every time. If there are no nouggies in the nouggie spot (heaven forbid), I want it to be because I've eaten them all—not because they are scattered across every shelf.

So, how did my fridge get this way?

Well, never mind that. The real question is, WHY did I let it get this way.

I don't know the answer to that either.

So on to the after photo.

Isn't that just beautiful? I wanted to label each of the shelves so my fam would know where to put things away, but the batteries were dead. :(

So what did I learn about my inner psyche? I'm probably more OCD than I thought I was.

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