Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another Great Road Trip Sponsor!

Suan gave me a cute bag today when I met her for lunch. She said it was her sponsoring gift for our Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza and I was not to open it until Megan and I could open it together. It was hard to wait. I was expecting maybe some nouggies or dark chocolate miniatures and a couple of bottles of SoBe.

No. This is what was in the bag.

And just in case you can't see what's in this photo, let me itemize it for you.
  • 2 pair of sandals (white ones for Megan, clear ones for me)

  • Sanitary toilet seat covers (YES!)

  • 2 kinds of hand sanitizer

  • 2 tubes of Blistex, mint & berry (I dibs berry)

  • 2 pair of sunglasses—we can't decide who gets which pair so we'll just have to switch off

  • a cool cherry make-up bag to carry our stuff

  • lots of Sc√ľncis (mine)

  • lots of headbands (Megan)

  • 4 packages of gum (I dibs the cinnamon and the pina colada flavors)

  • car deodorizer (love the butterfly shape)

  • 2 nail files (I told Meg she could pick)

  • 2 pckgs of Airborne

  • 2 bottles of nail polish (brown and blue)

  • 5 gift cards: Chevron, Borders, iTunes, Subway & Mickey D's)
and . . .

and . . .
  • a Nintendo DS with games! I didn't even know this thing existed. It is so cool. And the games are: New York Times Crosswords, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader (probably not), Polarium, Club House games, My Word Coach, and Brain Age 2.
How totally cool is this?

And yes, my sister is known for going a little overboard. Go over to her blog and tell her she's wonderful. Please.

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