Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 1: On the Road

We're headed off into the wild. For safety reasons (and to calm my mother's and DH's nerves), I won't be posting our exact route. We have chosen two tourist attractions to visit. We'll let you know what they are after we leave them.

Today is mostly a traveling day. No intended sights to see, although if we happen across the World's Largest Ball of Yarn we'll have to make a stop.

More cool stuff about my Jeep:
  • It has power windows and locks. I'd asked my Dad if it did and he told me no, but now he says he doesn't remember telling me that. Anyway, I was prepared to love it even if I had to manually lock and roll the windows because my old car is that way. But NO! I can do it all from the driver's seat. There's even a button where I can adjust the windows the way I want them and the LOCK it—so Megan can't fiddle with them. Ha!

  • Also, both the driver's side and the passenger side visors have mirrors—so we can make sure we look beautiful as we're cruising down the road.

  • And, it has an unbelievably BIG storage area in the back. It's huge! Plenty of room for all the souvenirs we'll be bringing home.
More updates tonight.

Now playing on my iPod—the winner of the Road Trip Theme Song Contest: Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts


Sandra said...

I love that locking feature on the windows. Best thing ever invented for cars. Except the one where you can program in your seat and steering wheel settings. Then after someone else drives the car, you hit the button and they go back to your settings. Next car I get......

Drive safe today!

Suan said...

i'm glad your jeep is even cooler than you thought... have fun :)
one of the songs i picked won the road trip theme song (sorry the gilmore girls one didn't win) be sure to get me a really cool souviner :)