Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Google Reader

Last week before my trip, I finally found some free time and set up a Google Reader for myself. I still don't have all my fav blogs on it, but I've got quite a few there. It really does save a lot of time for me.

Today, I was adding a few more and I saw this in the top right-hand side of the Google screen:

Which takes you to a page that lists "Recommendations for new feeds are generated by comparing your interests with the feeds of users similar to you."

Of course I scroll down because I have nothing to do all day but read blogs, and I wanted to add another two or fifty to my daily reading schedule.

A lot of the blogs on the list I already read. But lookey what I found? At number 17 on the list:

This is me, being so impressed with myself!


Tristi Pinkston said...

Look at you!

Suey said...

I discovered this little tidbit recently too and was fascinated to see how many subscribers I had. Not that it's very many, but still. I had subscribers!

Jennifer Leffler said...

I looked at the "Top Recommendations" feature on reader. One of the recommendations was ...sf so I went to that. While reading that it said to check out her sister's blog so I went there. And lo and behold what do I find pictures of the Summer Extravaganza Road Trip.

Karlene said...

Oh, that's cool. ...sf is my daughter McKenna. Her blog used to be called Shrek Loves Fiona. And her sister is none other than Megan, my pipsqueak pioneer!