Saturday, June 14, 2008

National Music Museum, Vermillion, SD—CONTEST CLOSED

Yesterday we visited the National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota. It was totally amazing. We took over 70 photos while there but don't worry. I'm only posting some of my favorites here. (See Megan's pics and comments HERE. She's funny. Go read and comment.)

Today's instruments are so cookie cutter and generic. But look at these—now this is craftsmanship and creativity at it's highest!

This is a harpsichord built by Andreas Ruckers the Elder in Antwerp in 1643. The painting on the lid is attributed to Frans Francken II.

This violin was created in France in 1850. The art style is called faience, which is tin-glazed earthenware.

Close-up of the artwork. Absolutely gorgeous. Photo does not do it justice.

This violin is more recent, built by O. Loseth , in Fannrem, Norway, 1961. Are the Norwegians creative, or what?

All of the violins in this case had a head—dragons, people, other animals. I wanted a photo of the dragon but couldn't get it at the angle. But look at this head. Can you imagine having a violin with a HEAD?

Close-up of the bodywork. Look at those engravings. Exquisite. And that's inlaid mother of pearl in the neck.

One of the rooms in the museum came with a warning sign:

If you can imagine, opening the door to this blazing display of brass and gold. It felt just like I was entering a treasure room in some exotic location.

We may think the CD player is a modern invention, but not so.

This is the original CD player—the Disc Music Box sold by the Equitable Manfg Co. in Iowa in the early 1900s. Not very portable, but totally cool. Only the "in" people had one.

And speaking of music, I heard my featured iPod song for the first time yesterday. We were a little tired of our road trip songs, so I was scrolling through Megan's other playlists and heard this one. I loved it. Then, I checked my e-mail this morning and there was a message from my friend, Stephanie Fowers, who did a YouTube video for it. You've GOT to watch this video. It's amazing. (Stephanie is the skinny girl in the white jacket.)

Details for today's contest:
  1. Listen to/watch the YouTube movie. (Watch in HIGH QUALITY, see link to the right under movie.) You have until the end of our road trip, Sunday, June 15th at midnight. EXTENDED TO MIDNIGHT JUNE 19

  2. Leave a comment on Stephanie's YouTube page, on her Facebook page or on her blog. (Tell her Karlene sent you.)

  3. Tell at least one person about the video (make them promise to watch it), or post about it on your blog.

  4. Then come back here and leave a comment that you have done the above. We're on the honor code here. If you comment, I'll believe you did it. :)

  5. If you tell someone to access the video through this post, and they mention you referred them in their comment below, you will get two entries in the drawing.

  6. Prize: an as yet undetermined souvenir or something cool. (Maybe one of Stephanie's books.)

  7. Prize will be mailed after we return home.

Now playing on my iPod: Big Girls (You are Beautiful)


Suan said...

watched the video (love it) left a comment on stephanie's Youtube page and posted it on my blog.... what a fun song with a great message :)

stephanie said...

Wow Karlene! Thanks for the warm fuzzies! You are so good to me. The song is originally by Mika (who we certainly can't compare our version to...still, we had a lot of fun making it).
Thanks again!!!

Natasha Ireland said...

I watched the video and shared it w/ someone else. :) Thanks.