Sunday, June 08, 2008

North or South Contest Winner!

We're headed North!

Prize Winner:
Jennifer Leffler

(Visit Jennifer's blog)

Jennifer will win a cool souvenir that we pick up during our road trip.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. You can continue to leave ideas for places to visit on that post or this one. We won't be making a lot of stops because we only have 5 traveling days but we want to make those days count and stop at the coolest places. If we stop at a place you suggest, you'll be entered for another prize drawing. And if by chance that post hits 50 commenters, you'll be entered for still another prize. (So e-mail all your friends and have them come comment!)

Winner was chosen using an online randomizer.

Prize will be shipped after we return from our trip.


Anonymous said...

If you are going thru Omaha, make sure you stop at the Mormon Cemetery and the temple visitors center. I went to school in Omaha, but was not a member at the time, so never went to see the cemetery - wish I had. Also, the temple is relatively new and was the first temple dedication I ever saw - even though by satellite. Still cool. Have a super trip.

I have cousins in Des Moines if you need a place to stop overnight.

Jan Burton

Jennifer Leffler said...

Also in Omaha is Boys Town. They have a nice visitors center where you can see Spencer Tracy's Oscar for his portrayel of Father Flannigan. Boys Town is still operating and is acually its own town with its own Mayor.

If you happen to be stopping overnight is the Lincoln area we have a couple spare beds available.

Jennifer Leffler said...

The bridge you need to see in Nebraska is the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. It will be the shortest detour you take as the bridge passes over I-80 (thought the exit is a few miles away). Here is a web site about the bridge:

And in reference to the above comment here is the Boys Town Home Page: