Friday, June 13, 2008

Nostalgia Ville, USA, Kingdom City, MO—CONTEST CLOSED

I apologize for not posting photos last night. I am a morning person, through and through. I get that from my dad. I wake up with the chickens and go to bed with—well, whatever animal goes to bed early. Fortunately, Megan is a night owl. This works great when we're trading off driving.

A couple of people have expressed concern that we missed visiting Nauvoo, IL. While we were looking forward to it, our disappointment level was barely a blip on the meter because visiting Nauvoo was not the goal of our trip. We had two goals: 1) to get my still unnamed Jeep (keep leaving suggestions—I haven't picked one yet), and 2) to be totally spontaneous and go with the flow.

Ergo, Nostalgia Ville, USA.

The conversation went like this:

Me: Megan, did you see that sign?

Megan: [big smile]

Me: I think we have to.

Megan: We have to.

Then we started giggling and car dancing.

While at Nostalgia Ville, I got some 6 ft long stuffed animals for my grandchildren. . .

ginormous tin wall posters—one for each of my children and their spouses, handpicked according to their interests (this one is for McKenna). . .

and some pink flamingos for everyone's front yard.

Just kidding, McKenna. I did get several little doo-dahs that will find their way to each child and spouse, but I promise, they are small and discreet and if you hate them you can wait a couple of weeks and then tell me your dog ate them.

And unfortunately, the pink flamingos were not for sale. (Sandra, I was planning to get several for both of us.)

New contest—CLOSED:
Guess what they did NOT have any memorabilia for at Nostalgia Ville? I am aghast! And for that reason, I judge them as sadly lacking and I cannot recommend that anyone go there. (hint)

Leave your guess in the comments.

Contest ends at midnight tonight, June 13.

Winner will be chosen using an online randomizer.

C'mon people! This contest was supposed to be a gimme. Have you NOT ever read my blog?

More hints can be found HERE (#3) and HERE and HERE. Oh, and also my iPod selection for today. What do they all have in common?

And don't give me the excuse that it's not old enough to be nostalgic. She's been off the air since 2003!

Now playing on my iPod: Walk Through the Fire (in memorium)


Suan said...

we are having a great time in the office following you and megan on your road trip... thanks for blogging it and sharing your adventures with us...
i signed up to follow you on twitter... let's see if it works..for the contest i am guessing wonder woman :)
have a great day :)

Suan said...

we think from the hint it is suppose to be a woman super hero
kandis is voting for batwoman

Suan said...

diana is voting for...

Susan said...

Um, stakes? Garlic? Wonder Woman? Yeah, I got nothin'.

Suan said...

sorry- buffy is still not old enough to be rolling with the likes of elvis and lucy.... but go ahead and enter my vote for buffy that was my first guess but i didn't think the show was old enough

Jeri said...

has to be buffy the bloodsucking babe!

hey - you could name the jeep buffy!

Holly said...

I'll take a wild guess and say, "Buffy?" You could always call your jeep "The Slayer".

(I have all 7 seasons of Buffy, and all 5 of Angel. Plus, I have a life-size cardboard cutout of Angel in my home office...)

Jennifer Leffler said...

Let's could it be Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Hmmm that was tough.

Sandra said...

I was going to ask if you got me some flamingos for my lovely yard. But I am guessing that they also had no gnomes to keep them company, either?

I am guessing no Buffy stuff. Hmph, no flamingos, no gnomes, and no buffy, bummer all around.

Susan said...

I thought Buffy was too obvious. Is it too late to change my guess??

Natasha Ireland said...

My guess is BUFFY. That was first guess. We'll go w/ that. More Name suggestions: Lucy, Buffy, Whatchamacallit, Big ____ (color of jeep).