Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pick Our Road Trip Fragrance!—CONTEST CLOSED

Oh my gosh! Less than two days left and I still have so much to do to get ready to go—pay bills, do laundry, pack suitcases, make a sugar-free hot fudge banana malt with the new sf hot fudge topping I found at Wal-Mart yesterday. Not sure how I'll get it all done. Sigh.

So, today's contest. We need a Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza fragrance that we (as in me and possibly Megan) will wear every day of the trip. And we'll make up sampler vials for all bloggers we meet during our trip.

I narrowed the recipe options down to three. The recipe that gets the most votes will be renamed "Summer Road Trip Extravaganza" and will be our official road trip fragrance. All voters will be entered into a drawing to win an Urban Botanic parfum spray in our winning fragrance.

Here are the options (and yes, I LOVE fruity fragrances):

1. Sunshine and Pomegranate—Grapefruit 2, Mandarin 1, Pomegranate 1. This smells like sunshine. It's sweet and fun and very fruity. I nicknamed it "I Died and Went to Heaven." I've burned it in my oil warmer a LOT.

2. Summerhaven—Pomegranate 4, Grapefruit 8, Cinnamon 1. This one is similar to the first fragrance but the cinnamon gives it a little depth and mystery. It also has more grapefruit (which makes people think you look 10 years younger). I wear this fragrance a lot and it never fails to make me smile.

3. Maui Pear—Pina Colada 2, Pear 1, Coconut 3. McKenna was wearing this one day and I wanted to lick her arm. It smells so good and reminds me of the beach. When I burn this in my warmer it makes me want to dance.

Cast your vote in the comments section before midnight tonight. (Sorry for the short notice, but I have to mix it up tomorrow.)

Now playing on my iPod: Kokomo by the Beach Boys

*I included the complete recipe so that any of you with access to a UB Fragrance Designer kit can mix them up and smell them yourselves.


Chanté said...

I am AAALLLL about the Sunshine & Pomegranate. I smelled that just last week and CAN NOT wait to get some.

Sandra said...

You already know that I am voting Sunshine and Pomegranate, but you don't have to enter me in this contest, I'll just go in my office and mix it up for myself. In fact, I think I'll go put it in my warmer right now...

Suan said...

here is the office votes..
suan-sunshine with maui pear as second... a really hard choice
kandis-maui pear *yes she voted twice* she thinks she gets to vote twice since she is pregnant..
diana-maui pear
heather-maui pear

Annette Lyon said...

They all sound wonderful, but since I love cinnamon, I'm voting for Summerhaven.

Summer said...

Sunshine and Pomegranate sound delish!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Summerhaven, solely because of your comment about the cinnamon adding depth and mystery.

Melanie Goldmund

melanie lucille said...

Maui Pear....Pomegranate buhh gross.

Kerry Blair said...

Maui Pear -- I've been longing for the beach for months now!

Natasha Ireland said...

I vote Maui Pear YUM-O

Jeri said...

sunshine & pomegranate gets my vote.