Monday, June 16, 2008

President's Park, South Dakota—CONTEST CLOSED

So we're driving down the road toward Mt. Rushmore, and BOOM!, out of nowhere spring up these presidential busts.

This is the front of President's Park in Lead, South Dakota. There is a path through the trees that you walk along to see busts of all 42 of our nation's Presidents.

Here's their promo info:

Each Presidential bust has a biographical panel and state and national flags of their era placed beside them. All 42 statues of our nation’s presidents are chronologically arranged along beautiful, naturally gardened trails. Self guided and guided tours of themes are available. Including themes about our Presidents in the military, their impact and the impact on others, the first ladies and their contributions, assassinations-the attempts and plots. We also have monuments to instrumental events in our history.

Presidents Park is the Master works of internationally known artist and sculptor David Adickes.

Adickes is best known for his 67-foot statue of Sam Houston, A Tribute to Courage, the world's tallest statue of an American hero.

I thought the photo on the right was really cool—it's Adickes standing in the bend of Houston's arm.

Contest Question: If you were to put a 20 ft high statue of someone or something in your front yard, who/what would it be and why?
  • This is a fun question, so I expect a fun and/or silly answer. No statues of deity or parents allowed.

  • Post your answer by Midnight, June 17th.

  • All answers are eligible for the contest.

  • Winner will be drawn at random.

  • Prize: Something silly.

I'll go first—a flying pig, to remind me to believe in the impossible. (See next post.)

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Suan said...

i'd put the grinch of course...
in the end he understood that christmas doesn't come from a store...perhaps christmas means a little bit more .. and he made everything right again.

Annette Lyon said...

Tough question. Just for fun, I'll say Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's my favorite Disney movie, and she's my favorite Disney heroine. (And she loves books, of course!)

Sandra said...

There is a statue in Balboa park in San Diego ( to see a picture of me and the kids climbing on it)

I would put something like this to remind me to take time to have fun in life

Sandra said...

Or maybe I should pick pink flamingos?

Anonymous said...

Being a chocolate lover, I would put a 20-foot statue of my favourite chocolate bar in my front yard. Now I just have to decide which one that is. Maybe a stack of oversized Reese's peanut butter cups. Or Cadbury's Double Decker from England? Hershey's Symphony with almonds and toffee? The statue can be made of chocolate, right? Maybe I should go for a 20-foot wall mosaic of lots of different kinds. The possibilities are endless ...

Melanie Goldmund

Natasha Ireland said...

I would put a statue of no on in particular but of one person serving another in some way. I like Service!

Natasha Ireland said...

I am here w/ my brother and sister in law and husband. Here are their answers for fun:
Ali(Bro)- Muhammad Ali knocking out Sonny Liston.
Amanda-( law)A blank white statue (to project movies onto) RAD! That rocks
James (Husband)- George Washinton rearing on a horse.

Jennifer Leffler said...

Mickey Mouse - the epitome of fun!
My son (age 8) says (without even taking a breath to think about it) A Ninja. And my daughter (age 15) says the family (I wouldn't go for this as I am big enough already). And my extra for a couple days (age 7) say a secret agent.
Jasmine - Family

Suan said...