Monday, June 23, 2008

Road Trip Quiz Answers and Winners!

Here are the answers to the Summer Road Trip Extravaganza Quiz.
  1. Why did Karlene and Megan take this road trip?
    To pick up a Jeep that Karlene's father sold to her for the price of one homemade butterscotch pie. (But the pie didn't turn out so well, so I have to make another one, or three, when I go to KY in August.)

  2. Who is Megan?
    Karlene's youngest daughter who just graduated from high school.

  3. What happened on the road trip that made Karlene so angry she wanted to swear?
    A truck threw up a rock on the Wyoming freeway and chipped her windshield.

  4. Which stop inspired Karlene with a new book idea?
    Santa Claus, Indiana.

  5. If you want to make Karlene smile, gift her with a __ __ __. (Spell the word)

  6. Karlene has moderate skills with which imaging sofware?

  7. Karlene's favorite "super hero" is ________. (one word) (Hint: She doesn't wear a cape.)
    Buffy (as in, the Vampire Slayer).

  8. Which item did Karlene want to purchase for her front yard, but couldn't because it wasn't for sale?
    A pink flamingo.

  9. Through how many states did Karlene and Megan travel?
    Nine—Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah.

  10. What was Karlene's favorite state?
    South Dakota. (Judged solely on the state itself, not on the people who live there. Otherwise, it would be #1 Utah, #2 Kentucky.)

  11. What was Karlene's least favorite state?
    Boring, U.S.A. Wyoming.

  12. Which of Karlene's companies has provided prizes for this road trip?
    Urban Botanic. (Website. Blog.)

  13. List one of the several cool prizes the winner of the Sponsor's Grand Prize will receive.
    Any of the following: Commemorative Charm Bracelet, UB Summer Road Trip bath & body products, The Golden Compass (book), Road Trip Mix on CD.

  14. Is Karlene an Early Bird or a Night Owl?
    Early Bird.

  15. What would have made this absolutely fantabulous and totally cool road trip even better?
    Having all my family and friends with me.

Unfortunately, no one got a perfect score. Everyone missed #15. However, I gave the winner 1/2 point for her answer because she said one of the things what would make it better was if she came along—which is close.

The winners are:

Perfect Score Winner: Annette Lyon! (with 14 1/2 points)
(Visit Annette's blog)

Five or More Correct Winner: Jennifer Leffler!

(Visit Jennifer's blog)

Winner chosen at random.

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Suan said...

i was going to go back in and change my answer to #15 but forgot to.... i knew 14 of them without
going back to look... not bad for an old woman.