Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Road Trip Sidebar Contest—CONTEST CLOSED

Okay, so I lied in the last post. We don't just want all our current bloggy friends to join us, we want everyone in the world to come along on our Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza.

My goal is to have so many hits on this blog that it crashes Blogger. Wouldn't that be fun?! Well, maybe not. Okay, I'd be happy if I doubled my hits.

Ergo, another contest.

Here's how this one works:
  • Grab one of the images HERE no later than Wednesday, June 11th and post it on your sidebar with a link back to this blog and/or Megan's blog.

  • Leave the image in your sidebar through Sunday, June 15th.

  • Leave a comment below so I'll know to enter you in the Road Trip Sidebar drawing for, once again, a yummy Urban Botanic body lotion in our still to be created Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza fragrance. (I'll also come comment on your blog.)

  • Also leave your e-mail or a way for me to contact you.

  • If you have multiple blogs, you can have multiple entries in our contest if you put the image and link on multiple blog sidebars. Let me know in your comment the URLs for each blog.

  • Yes, you can enter both this contest and the Blog About Our Road Trip contest and could, theoretically, win both.

  • Due to ever increasing shipping costs, to win the prize you must live in or have a ship to address in the U.S. (If you live out of the country, you're welcome to have me send it to someone stateside as a gift from you.)
  • All Road Trip prizes will be shipped after we get home.

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Here's a Mr. Linky for participation in the Sidebar Contest. Just link to your blog home page.


Natasha Ireland said...

HELP KARLENE. I wanna play and be involved in this fun thing but I'm kinda a novice w/ blogging details..LIKE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADD THE PHOTO AND LINK BACK TO YOUR PAGE ON MY SIDE BAR. I posted the photo and added the link but it's not on my side bar. please check out my site and see what I need to do to be CORRECTED. Also my email is -if you need it.

Kim Thompson said...

I love all your fun contests. I hope you have a great time on the road trip. I'm so jealous! What a fun way to start the summer.