Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rules of Engagement by Stephanie Fowers

I read Rules of Engagement by Stephanie Fowers yesterday in just a few hours. It's cute and fun.

Twenty-five-year-old Samantha Skyler is an attractive college coed, who, like every other single girl, wants to find true love. The problem is, she has virtually no experience when it comes to the dating game. Enter Harrison Bean. Harrison is intent on teaching Samantha and her roommates how to move from spinster status to that of the most-sought-after girl in the ward. His methods seem to be working for Samantha, until someone discovers the manhunt plot and is determined to sabotage all her efforts. Join Samantha and her roommates as they really play the dating game—and learn the secret information every girl needs to snag a guy!

This book gives you a humorous look into college life while exploring the non-existent love lives of Samantha and her roommates. I enjoyed Samantha's feisty character and personality. I laughed aloud at many of her antics—such as getting stuck in a window, sneaking into a boy's apartment to steal a cross-stitched quote, and trying to avoid a stalker. It took me back to my college days. I was not nearly as brave and creative as Samantha, but I had my share of fun. (Our favorite—at the end of the month when we were nearly out of groceries and cash, my roommates and I would decide what we wanted for dinner and then go on a "Scavenger Hunt" to collect the needed ingredients. People will give you anything if you call it a Scavenger Hunt.)

There was a large cast of characters when you figure in all the roommates, the FHE brothers, and other ward members. Sometimes it was a little hard to tell them apart, but otherwise, I followed along well. While a romance at heart, it's not gooey, smooshy, kissy, heart-thumping romance. In fact, it's much more funny than romantic, but Samantha and her roommates do end up with their men by the end of the book.

While not at all preachy LDS (in fact it rarely deals with any religious aspects at all), this book does assume an LDS reader, or at least familiarity with LDS terminology, like RS, Elder's Quorum President, etc.

Older teens and young adults will really like this book, especially girls. I liked it as well, because I'm just an overgrown teenager. I think Stephanie and her characters are hilarious. I'm looking forward to reading her other book, Meet Your Match soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Julie Wright said...

I'm a big teenager too and had a good time reading this book.

stephanie said...

Thanks Karlene! This is a great review. It was fun to read. Thanks for including me. I feel so lucky!


LDS Publisher said...

Great review! Thanks for participating in the Summer Book Trek.