Friday, June 13, 2008

Russell Stovers Store, Boonville, MO

(Yes, I know it's crooked. I had to snap the photo one handed because the other hand was full of chocolate!)

Do I really need to say any more? Yes? Okay, I will.

They had every. single. kind. of Sugar Free Russell Stover's candy, including one flavor I've never tried.

They also had sf chocolate ice cream (even better than Santa's sf frozen hot chocolate).

And sf FUDGE!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I fully intended to have something from here be a prize. But I don't think there will be any left by the time I get home.


(No not really.)

(Well, maybe a little bit.)


Ahem. . . due to circumstances waaayyy beyond my control, there will be no contest on this post.

Because the prize got eaten.

Go here and participate in this contest instead.

Or, better yet, GO HERE. If 30 more people comment on this post (with name suggestions), it will be eligible for a 50 Comments prize drawing.

Now playing on my iPod: Candy Man from the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie


Suan said...

better be careful eating all that sugar free candy.... you know what happens when people eat too much of the sf stuff... you and meg will have to stop at walmart and pick up some depends if you are not careful...ha... ha... ha...

Sandra said...

If I had only known about that you would be stopping here I would have had you pick me up some vermont fudge. Oh well, I won't have to make extra trips to curves.