Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sponsors & Other Prizes (or the crass commercialization of our Summer Road Trip Extravaganza)—CONTEST CLOSED

We're gearing up for our Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza! This is actually getting exciting. Megan and I have a road trip dance we do many times each day. Well, I have a road trip dance that I do and Megan tolerates me while I do it.

We want some help spreading the word about our little road trip. We wants lots of visitors to our blogs and lots of fun comments to help keep our energy up. I'll have more details and prizes for talking about us and to us later today or tomorrow.

We'll also be giving away a prize a day, starting June 9th. Details for winning those prizes will be posted each day. (So visit us every day . . . please!)

It would be totally cool if we had corporate sponsors for our Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza (like Bossy did). If I had to pick sponsors, it would be Best Western (free motel rooms), Chevron (free gasoline), and Papa John's (free food). I'd throw in Old Navy and Kohl's too because I need some new clothes for the trip. Oh, and of course, Barnes and Noble or Borders for books. No trip is complete without a stack of books to read. And if these guys aren't interested, we wouldn't turn down their competition.

But my daily hit count isn't quite high enough for most corporate sponsors. Sigh. (You people, start hitting every day and leaving more comments! I don't care if you read my posts—well, yes, I do care—very, very much and I read every single comment I get, multiple times—but hit counts are what matters when you're courting advertising.)

Where was I?

Oh yes. Sponsors. So, Megan and I are looking for sponsors for our Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza. And we're offering a chance at a GRAND PRIZE worth many dollars to our sponsors.

To sponsor our road trip, click on this link. (Or you can come to my house and just hand me some cash.)

As little as $1.00 donation will get you a link on both our sidebars. (Everyone, go check out our sponsors and LEAVE COMMENTS on their blogs stating how wonderful it is that they are sponsoring us.)

A $1.00 donation will also get you an entry into our GRAND PRIZE drawing. In fact, every dollar you donate gets you another entry. (Donate $2.00, get 2 entries; donate $50, get 50 entries. I can dream, right?)

And what do you get if you win the GRAND PRIZE? A big box of stuff which will include:
  • books, some of which we will actually be reading on our trip

  • souvenirs from every single stop we make

  • a party pack of our road trip fragrance (still to be determined, but will include shower gel, lotion, parfum spray, etc. valued at over $50)

  • some of our favorite snacks on the trip

  • and a hodge-podge of other fun and possibly interesting items

Just $1 makes you eligible for this fabulous GRAND PRIZE! Click here to become one of our beloved sponsors.

Also, jet me an e-mail so I can make sure you get credit for your sponsorship.

Currently in the Sponsor's Grand Prize Package:

A commemorative charm bracelet with a charm to represent every major stop
we've made (example: horse for KY; candy canes for Santa Claus, IN;
corn for Corn Palace; etc. It really is cute and it will match the ones
Megan and I are making for ourselves).

An Urban Botanic party pack in Summer Road Trip Extravaganza/Maui Pear
fragrance, complete with puff sponge and lotion pump lid.

The Golden Compass which we listened to on CD as we drove (different cover).

CDs with our entire Road Trip music collection (all 263 songs!)

PLUS—a variety of misc souvenir type stuff.

It's not too late to sponsor our road trip. You can continue to donate here until my last post is up. (Probably around June 18th) Every $1 donated wins one entry in the drawing.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could sponsor you, as I love getting the opportunity to win great things, but as it is, the only thing I can offer at the moment is a suggestion for your road trip music mix. It's a song originally sung by Doris Day and recently redone by a group or person called Cake. Here's the video where I first found it, based on the BBC series Robin Hood (2006).


Hope you enjoy the music at least, if not Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne. Have a great road trip!

Melanie Goldmund

Natasha Ireland said...

The Email link didn't work for me but... I know it's not much, ALMOST NOTHING at all, but I sent my $2 your way. THIS IS SO FUN. :)

Sam said...

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