Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spring Reading Thing 2008—Recap

It's time to wrap up the Spring Reading Thing for 2008, hosted by Katrina over on Callapidder Days. I love doing her reading challenges. They're fun, easy and I get lots of good ideas for books to add to my never-ending To Be Read list.

I realize that Fablehaven and The Dark Night of the Soul have been "On the Night Stand" in my sidebar forever. I finished Fablehaven in two days and have read five other fiction books since then. I just was so busy with my road trip that I didn't ever get around to changing the image. (I will try to do that today.)

I'm still reading Dark Night, the first non-fiction title I picked on my list. I really do like it, but it's got lots of deep, deep thoughts that require contemplation and introspection—and sometimes that makes my brain hurt, so I have to go slow. Also, it got lost for about 6 weeks in the piles of crud in my bedroom. Maybe I should have started with Julie Morgenstern's book.

Anyway. Here's my recap and wrap-up.

Did you finish all the books you had planned to read? If not, why?
I finished all the fiction books. Yea! Although I did swap a few of the original titles out for others. Non-fiction, I only finished one and that was an add-on to the list because I was asked to do a review for a blog tour.

Do you think the challenge helped you read more? Or maybe helped you read books you otherwise wouldn't have?
Absolutely! I always read more when I've got a challenge going. I'm addicted to Mr. Linky and I just love adding on titles I've reviewed. And yes, I do read titles I wouldn't otherwise have read because of the reviews I've seen in past challenges.

What was your favorite book you read this spring? The Host. Yes! With The 13th Reality a very close second.

Least favorite? I got lucky this time. I liked all the books I read for this challenge. If forced to pick, I think Prof Winsnicker, simply because it's not a stand-alone book, but a support book for the Leven Thumps series.

Did you discover any new authors or genres that you now love? James Dashner has moved from "okay author who writes for 10 year old boys" to "I love this guy and will buy his next book in hardback as soon as it's released!"

What did you learn about your reading habits or interests? I am still, and always will be, a fantasy lover. That's my genre of choice and all I want to read in the spring and summer.

Are you interested in another "Fall Into Reading" challenge this fall? YES!! Don't tell me you're thinking of NOT doing it. Please, please, please do a Fall Into Reading.

For my complete list of challenge books and links to their reviews, click HERE.

Also, as I did last year, I'm hosting a Summer Reading Challenge here on the Inksplasher starting tomorrow. I don't have a publisher providing prizes for me (yet), but I will provide my own—books (some new, some gently read), or book-related items. I hope ALL of you will join me.


Katrina said...

Good job, Karlene! I was just paging through The Host at the bookstore the other day and a total stranger saw me and said, "Oh, she's a great author!" Glad to hear you liked it too -- I'm sure I'll be picking it up eventually.

See you in the fall (Yes, I'm 99.5% sure I'll be doing a fall reading challenge). :)

Much Ado said...

I like how you put all your books and reviews in one place and have a rating system, that's really helpful. Oh and I'm so glad to see that there will more than likely be a fall challenge!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I read the Host this Spring too, and I really enjoyed it as well.

James Dashner said...

Hi Karlene,

Thank you so much for the good word on THE 13TH REALITY! I went back and found your original review on it as well, and loved it.

Your contrast to A DOOR IN THE WOODS is spot on and adds a lot of credibility. Those books are much more enjoyed by kids, I think.

Thanks again!