Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Reading Thing Prize

Time for our first prize in Summer Reading Thing 2008!

Of Mice and Magic by David Farland is a middle-grade, early teen fantasy novel. The promo reads:

More than anything, Benjamin Ravenspell wants a pet. But when he buys a mouse named Amber, he gets more than he bargained for. No sooner does Ben take her home, than Amber turns him into a mouse too. You see, Amber has magical abilities, and it so happens that Ben is a familiar—a creature that stores magical energy. Together they each form half of a powerful wizard. Alone, they're just vermin.

Soon Ben and Amber will find themselves pitted in an epic battle against a magical enemy who is as crazed as he is evil—and the fate of the world will rest on them learning to work together.

Eligibility for this prize:

  1. Must be signed up for the Summer Reading Thing 2008. (If you're not, sign up now.)

  2. Must leave a comment on THIS POST before midnight tonight (Thursday, June 26, 2008).

  3. Must have a shipping address within the U.S.

And an ooops! I forgot to go live with the book review Mr. Link post. It's here. Sorry.


Sandra said...

Ok, I signed up. I have just been taking my sweet time doing it this year. Now I need to go create my list.

Suan said...

i'm signed up :)
thanks for your help

Holly said...

Wow, my first review was first on Mr. Linky. Too cool!!

eva said...

Ooh! Count me in!

Stephanie Abney said...

Hi Karlene ~

Yes, I'd love to be part of this contest. I have signed up and everything but haven't yet written a book review... does that matter? I'm on like chapter 46 of the Host... oh wow... where does she come up with this stuff? and not quite finished with Santa Claus Letters ~ not exactly following the order of my list. Anyway, if that is enough to qualify - count me in!! Thanks!!


Suan said...

i'm signed up:)
and i like twinkies