Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Road Trip Quiz (and Final Contest)

How closely have you been following our road trip? This is a quiz. It's "open blog"—all the answers are somewhere in the Summer Road Trip posts, although some of them you may have to infer from my comments.

Put your answers in the comments section before midnight, Sunday, June 22nd. Number from 1 through 15. Don't leave any blank. If you don't know the answer, guess or make something up. (I might give you credit for creativity.)

I will post the correct answers on Monday, June 23. If you get five or more answers correct, you are eligible for a drawing for an Urban Botanic Summer Road Trip Body Lotion (pictured here).

If you get all ten answers correct, you are eligible for a drawing for an Urban Botanic party pack in our Summer Road Trip fragrance, complete with puff sponge and lotion pump lid (pictured here).

You have until midnight, Sunday, June 22nd. Pencils up. Ready? Begin.
  1. Why did Karlene and Megan take this road trip?

  2. Who is Megan?

  3. What happened on the road trip that made Karlene so angry she wanted to swear?

  4. Which stop inspired Karlene with a new book idea?

  5. If you want to make Karlene smile, gift her with a __ __ __. (Spell the word)

  6. Karlene has moderate skills with which imaging sofware?

  7. Karlene's favorite "super hero" is ________. (one word) (Hint: She doesn't wear a cape.)

  8. Which item did Karlene want to purchase for her front yard, but couldn't because it wasn't for sale?

  9. Through how many states did Karlene and Megan travel?

  10. What was Karlene's favorite state?

  11. What was Karlene's least favorite state?

  12. Which of Karlene's companies has provided prizes for this road trip?

  13. List one of the several cool prizes the winner of the Sponsor's Grand Prize will receive.

  14. Is Karlene an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

  15. What would have made this absolutely fantabulous and totally cool road trip even better?


Anonymous said...

1. To pick up the Jeep that Karlene's parents gave her.
2. Megan is Karlene's daughter.
3. The temptation to swear was caused by a rock hitting the windscreen of the new Jeep.
4. The town of Santa Claus, Indiana.
5. A Nintendo DS
6. Photoshop
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8. pink flamingos
9. 9 states
10. South Dakota
11. Wyoming
13. The Golden Compass on CD
14. Early Bird
15. If there had been Buffy memorabilia at Nostalgia Ville, Missouri.

Melanie Goldmund

Jennifer Leffler said...

1. To pick up the fantastic (and yet unnamed) Jeep Karlene's parents gave her for a butterscotch pie.
2. Karlene's daughter
3. Rock cracked her windshield
4. Mt. Rushmore?
5. A Pink Flamingo
6. Photoshop
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8. Pink Flamingo
9. 9
10. South Dakota
11. Wyoming - where the rock chip came from and lots of bugs.
12. Urban Botanicals
13. All of the Russell Stovers sugar free chocolates (if there are any left)
14. Early Bird
16. Seeing Nauvoo

Suan said...

1. pick up the jeep
2. your daughter
3. rock chip on windshield
4. santa clause, indiana
5. pig
6. photo shop
7. buffy
8. flamingos
9. nine states
10. so dakota
11. wyoming
12. urban botanical
13. bracelet, road trip music cds
14. early bird
15. buffy stuff at nostalgiaville ????

Sandra said...

1. Do pick up her new Jeep from her parent's house in KY
2.Karlene's third most beautiful daughter and one of the sweetest people that I know
3.Stupid rock thrown by a truck, cracking her new baby's windshield.
4.Santa Clause, IN
5.P I G
6.Photoshop- have I told you lately that you do good work?
8.Cute Flamingos to match mine
9. Nine
10.South Dakota (unless you count KY)
11.Flat, boring, tumbleweed strewn, rock throwing Wyoming
12.Urban Botanic
13.UB Summer Road Trip Extravaganza 8 oz Nourishing Body Lotion
14.Early Bird
15.If there had been Buffy stuff at Nostalgiaville.

(don't enter me in the contest- I can make my own lotion, I just wanted to see how many I could get right)

Annette Lyon said...

1. To pick up Karlene's new baby Jeep, Cordelia.
2. Karlene's gorgeous and newly graduated from high school daughter.
3. A [bad word] truck threw a [bad word] rock into poor Cordie's windshield.
4. Santa Claus, Indiana
5. I want to say Russell Stover's chocolate, but if we're going for three letters, I'll just say PIG.
6. Photoshop. I admire anyone who can, because I certainly can't.
7. Buffy!
8. Pink flamingos, of course.
9. Nine.
10. South Dakota. Gotta love those presidents.
11. The ugliest state we have, Wyoming. Stupid bugs.
12. Urban Botanics! (Whoop, whoop!)
13. That cool charm bracelet.
14. Early Bird. Never will understand you people. I'm a night owl like Megan.
15. If I had come along. Because I'm so darn fun. :D Okay, really, I imagine it's the Buffy memorabilia, because NOT finding it was such a disappointment. Or maybe if Wyoming had had vegetation. Or that rock hadn't hit the windshield . . . or . . .

Fun quiz!