Sunday, June 08, 2008

Vote for Our Road Trip Theme Song!

We have 263 songs on our iPod Summer Roadtrip Extravaganza! 98 of those songs were suggested by you. Thank you so much.

Every suggested song made it to our iPod, even though some are not on the playlist at the bottom of this blog (because they weren't available through that widget).

Everyone who suggested a song will be entered to win our playlist prizes! Yea! Winners will be announced later today and prizes will be shipped after we return home.

Now for our theme song:

You can hear Don't Worry Bout a Thing by SheDaisy here.

Megan and I chose 8 songs that made the final cut for our Road Trip Theme Song. All 8 songs are listed alphabetically in a voting poll at the top of the far right sidebar. You can vote for up to two songs (Kandis!) or you can just vote for one if you want. You can vote up until midnight on Tuesday, June 10th because we won't really need our theme song until we actually start driving.

Our theme song will be the one that gets the most votes. If there is a tie, Megan and I will cast the deciding vote. If Megan and I disagree, I will pull rank because I'm the Mom and I said so.

If you suggested the song that wins, you will win an as yet undetermined prize.

Now Playing on my iPod: Don't Worry Bout a Thing by SheDaisy
(this is a good one for today considering I have so much to do and the clock keeps ticking...)


Sandra said...

So even though I checked in with you at church this morning, I thought I would stop by and say hi and vote for a theme song. Now, go pack your bags.

Annette Lyon said...

I had fun listening to them. I really wanted to vote for three, ah well. Hope my favorite wins. :D

Summer said...

Somehow I missed suggesting a song. I know I can't be entered now but I must insist you listen to, "Side with the Seeds" by Wilco. The best song evah! Well, for my current tastes anyhoo. :)

Jeri said...

Just popping in so you know i was here and that I voted - good luck getting all ready to go!

Natasha Ireland said...

Such fun choices. YEAH I voted and the two I voted for are in the lead... GREAT SONGS.