Monday, June 16, 2008

The World's Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota—CONTEST CLOSED

The Corn Palace was pretty cool. Basically it's a big convention hall, with a huge souvenir store on the floor when there are no other conventions going on. We really liked the store—bought quite a few souvenirs there.

I found this wind chime with a pig on it. Of course I bought it, what do you think?! I love pigs (in theory, not in reality). I can't wait for Melanie to come over and hear my pig chime because she especially loves wind chimes.

See this artwork? It's made up entirely of corn cobs. There are displays like this on the Corn Palace itself and at various places around the little town.

Surrounding the Corn Palace are a gazillion souvenir shops. We went inside every one. There's also the Enchanted World Doll Museum, which I really wanted to visit but it was closed, forever. (Sad.) Down the road were a Prehistoric Indian Village and some other museums.

We had our photos taken with Zack.

Megan was flirting, but I'm a happily married woman so I behaved myself.

Contest Question:
What is the best popcorn?
  • Post your answer, with brand (or description) and flavor (if applicable).

  • Deadline: Midnight, June 17th.

  • All answers are eligible for the contest.

  • Winner will be drawn at random.

  • Prize: a box of my favorite popcorn.

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Stephanie Abney said...

The BEST Popcorn

Well, that depends… there is theater popcorn (it’s a real challenge to watch a movie without it, but it’s a bigger challenge for it to have enough “butter” to last to the end and it’s not real butter anyway). Then there is the ease of microwavable popcorn and all its varieties (if I went there, I guess I’d have to say I prefer the Orville Redenbacher brands best). Does anyone even remember those crazy Jiffy Pop foil pan-pouch things from the sixties you cooked over a burner (and are now popping up in the dollar stores)? Of course, you can’t overlook the healthy air-popped corn of the eighties but by the time I added enough real butter to make it taste good, I kind of defeated the purpose. No, none of the above. I’d have to say that my favorite popcorn is the kind my husband makes from scratch.

Jim’s mom used to make caramel corn for their family of 13 quite often and one Sunday afternoon years ago he decided he wanted to do the same thing. He pulled my most recent R.S. Cookbook off the shelf in search of a recipe. We had everything he needed except for the corn syrup. Jim looked in the cupboard and grabbed the pancake syrup, saying, “Syrup is syrup.” The result was a very delicious soft and yet somehow chewy (maybe sticky is the word I want) slightly maple-flavored caramel corn that was gobbled up in a jiffy. After that, with very few exceptions, every Sunday night for years, while the kids were growing up, Jim made his special maple caramel corn. I think the love he added as his own special ingredient is why we loved it so. Yep, that would have to be my favorite.


Sandra said...

Carmel, definately ooey, gooey, sticky, fattening, so not good for you Carmel.

Brandi just asked me if you were home yet, when I told her that you got home last night, she said: "Good, she is safe so I can quit worrying about her."

Susan said...

Okay, I have to agree - movie theater popcorn is the best. In the microwaveable category, I like Orville Redenbacher's Old-Fashioned Butter (or something like that). When I'm being a good girl, I go for Jollytime's Healthy Pop, because it's low in fat, calories and Weight Watchers points.

Suan said...

i vote for Kettle corn... if you can find it being made fresh in the kettle it is best.. if not orville redenbachers kettle corn has the best flavor

Jennifer Leffler said...

I vote for Jiffy Kettle Corn when home and very buttery Popcorn at the movies. Sounds like a great trip. You have given me some ideas of places to stop at on our next trip from Lincoln to Utah or California.

Erika said...

I'd definitely have to say movie theatre popcorn. It's the reason I go to the theatre!

Annette Lyon said...

I'm WAY too lazy to make anything but the airpopped or microwave variety (only Orville movie style in our house), but when I want a popcorn treat, it's Colorado Kernels, all the way--preferably their Chocolate Avalanche flavor. Or their Rocky Bottom Crunch. Or Cherry Cordial. Heaven help me!

Natasha Ireland said...

KETTLE CORN by Orville Redenbacker

eva said...

kettle corn... hands down same as above