Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not a Real Post, but Links to Prizes

Okay, I know I haven't done a real post in a long time. And I have a good reason for that, but it requires photos and, uhm, I keep forgetting to take them.

Anyway, my various entrepreneurial enterprises are sponsoring prizes at various places in the blogosphere, some of them ending today, some tomorrow. I wanted to make sure that any of you interested parties knew about all of them and had a chance to enter if you want to.

For a Twilight inspired fragrance, you can enter these contests:

For a Twilight inspired Swarovski Crystal bookmark, enter this contest:

ALSO, Summer Reading Thing participants!
I've got the same good excuse for not posting weekly prize books. And it's so stupid because I've got the books in a stack right here, I just need to make the post. I'm so, so, so sorry.

To show how incredibly sorry I really am, NEXT WEEK, I will post a book giveaway EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And in addition to the book, the winners will also receive a parfum sampler in the Twilight inspired fragrance of their choice.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Room for Two by Abel Keogh

"Sweetie, I'm home." I tried to put as much kindness into my voice as possible. I didn't want to have another argument - at least not right away.



A gunshot echoed from our bedroom, followed by the sound of a bullet casing skipping along a wall.

Everything slowed down.

When a life is destroyed, when guilt says you played a role in its destruction, how do you face the days ahead?

Twenty-six-year-old Abel Keogh chooses to ignore the promptings he receives concerning his wife's mental illness, and now he feels he is to blame for her choices. If only he had listened . . .

At some point in our lives, each of us face devastating afflictions and must eventually cope with loss. Regardless of how it happens, the outcome is still the same—we are left isolated, alone, wondering what we could have done differently, and where we can turn for peace.

This is Abel's story in his own words. His search for peace and the miracle that follows is proof that love and hope can endure, despite the struggles and tragedies that shape each of our lives.
When I was asked to review Room for Two by Abel Keogh, I had no idea what it was about. I just knew it had a pretty cover. When it arrived and I read the back liner, I was a little sorry I'd agreed to do the review so quickly. I have to be in a certain mood to read this type of book—and I wasn't in the mood. I didn't want to read something sad. I didn't want serious. I wanted to read the stack of fun fantasy sitting on my dresser. But I'd agreed to do it, so. . .

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. The first chapter is the hardest because it deals with the actual suicide of Abel's wife. There's also a very sad part about his daughter, Hope. But the rest of the book, although it deals with the difficulty of going on after you've lost a spouse, was very positive and uplifting.

Abel Keogh is a captivating writer. I felt like I was right there with him as he struggled to come to terms with his wife's suicide and learned to deal with the grief and guilt. I ran beside him as he learned to heal and to love again. When I finished the book, I felt really good about it. I felt uplifted.

We all have difficult times in our lives, and I think we help each other by sharing our stories and our struggles, our strength and hope and recovery. I'm glad I read this book and I recommend it to anyone who loves someone who is in the middle of a struggle with depression or loss.

I think the message of the book can be summed up with this statement: "Personal and spiritual development doesn't come when life is good and unchallenging. It's the hard times—the ones when we are forced to wake up every day and put one foot in front of the other—where the real growth occurs." (p 208)

Click here to learn more about Abel Keogh and to read the first chapter of Room for Two.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Farworld: Water Keep by J. Scott Savage

I was one of the lucky ones to get an ARC of Farworld: Water Keep by J. Scott Savage. I looked forward to reading it because I've really enjoyed his Shandra Covington series (House of Secrets and Dead On Arrival). I love fantasy so when the package came, I ripped it open and started reading right away. I've had to wait to post my review—and that's been hard because I've wanted to share the love for the two main characters in this book.

Water Keep is the first in a series of five fantasy novels written for middle grade readers, although older teens and adults may also enjoy it. Savage has created two unique main characters—Marcus, a disabled boy who uses a wheelchair and lives on Earth, and Kyja, a magically disabled girl who lives on Far World. Together, Marcus and Kyja begin an adventure to save both worlds from the Dark Circle, an evil brewing in Farworld that will also impact Earth. In this book, they begin that adventure by journeying to Water Keep, in an attempt to convince the water elementals to help them save the world.

Along the way, they must face attacks from "...Summoners, who can command the living and the undead; Unmakers, invisible creatures that can destory both body and soul; and dark mages knows as the Thrathkin S'Bae." Pretty creepy. Not only that, they must deal with bullies, feelings of inadequacy, and learn to jump between their two worlds.

The theme for the Scott's blog tour is "Find Your Magic" and I think that's the main message of this book. We each have our own kind of magic and it's important for us to discover what it is and learn to bless the world with it. That's a message everyone needs to hear.

Scott Savage agreed to take time out of his very busy schedule to meet me for a short interview. We chose to meet at the meadow with the dawn chimes at 6:00 a.m. this morning. Since sunrise occurred at 6:12 a.m., I was able to see and hear those absolutely beautiful dawn chimes greet the morning. I brought a basket of fruit for breakfast—some bananas, grapes, plums and assorted berries. We spread out a blanket on a small hill that overlooked the meadow and talked as we waited for dawn.

So, Jeff, isn't this one of the most awesome places on Farworld? It's gorgeous here.

This is one of my favorite places to come, and with a breakfast of fresh fruit even. We better talk quick though so we don't miss the dawn chime's song. Marcus is much better at translating them than I am. But I'm working on it.

You call your elementals water, land, air and fire. Why didn't you use "earth" instead of land?

Well, you know, the whole earth thing has been so overused. I was even considering water, air, fire, and hand lotion. But it just didn't have the same zing.

Hand lotion? Really? Did you know that I make custom scented hand lotion? Maybe I'll create one for Farworld.

Whatever. Okay, seriously, it's because earth and Earth are the same word. I don't have a problem with calling a horse a horse on Farworld—even if it does tell jokes.

And pretty lame ones at that.

[Throws a grape at me.] Geez. You like to interrupt a lot, don't you?


Do you want the answer to your question, or not? Anyway, it seems to me that on a planet not named Earth, the land should not be called earth. It could get too confusing. I don't even have anyone from Farworld use that word in the book.

Did you have to do a lot of research to see what Marcus would and wouldn't be able to physically do? Did you try doing some of those things yourself with his limitations? (I'm picturing you scooting down a busy street in New York.)

Not down a New York street. But I actually did scoot across my floor and out in front of the house. The neighbors already know I am weird. I did get some great advice from people who do have disabilities though. For example, I originally had Marcus crawl. But everyone I talked to told me that it is too uncomfortable. They scoot instead.

Are we going to see more Ishkabiddles in future books? (I love that name.) Like I was thinking maybe in the final scene of the final book, Marcus is about to be destroyed by the evilest person of the Dark Circle and an ishkabiddle could pop up and bite the bad guy on the ankle, giving Marcus the chance to regain his bearings and finish off the bad guys... (you don't have to pay me a royalty for that idea, but an acknowledgment in the book would be nice.)

Oh, yeah, the killer Ishkabiddle scene—it's going to be huge. I didn't originally plan on more Iskabiddles. But demand has been surprisingly strong. So you probably haven't seen the last of them.

Has there ever been a water elemental that couldn't swim?

Only one. His name was Bob.

How long, start to finish, did it take you to write this book? What is your writing schedule like?

Three months of writing. Many more of editing. My schedule is typically delay, delay, delay, rush!!!!

Are there any questions you've been dying to answer, but no one has asked them yet?

I'm surprised no one has asked about why I went with two full blown protagonists and whether or not that was hard to write. The answer is that I didn't want this to be a boy book or a girl book. I wanted Kyja and Marcus to each rise and fall, so to be a sidekick to the other. I tried to write very carefully so that no one would feel Marcus or Kyja was the "main" character. You know, I was really planning to—

Oh, hush! Dawn is here. Look!

Scott continued to babble about his book, his writing career, and what's coming up next for him but I tuned him out. I was too busy watching the loveliest little purple flowers rise out of the meadow grass. The tiny blossoms that look like bells began to chime. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. And their fragrance! Aaahh.

I didn't want to leave, but Scott had an appointment at another blog. He said I could stay at the meadow as long as I wanted, but I was afraid a Summoner might appear at any moment, so after he left, I quickly packed up what was left of our breakfast (which wasn't much; Scott has a healthy appetite) and scurried out of there. Sigh. I really hope that Marcus and Kyja are successful in their fight against the Dark Circle because Farworld is such a lovely place to visit.

You can read sample chapters HERE.

You can pre-order Farworld: Water Keep HERE.

But before I left, I swiped two things which I will give away to two lucky commenters on today's post:
  1. A signed original manuscript page which I stole from Scott's brief case when he wasn't looking. It's suitable for framing and sure to be worth lots of money on ebay some day soon.

  2. A single petal from a dawn chime. Unfortunately, it turned into a small vial of lilac scented perfume oil when I crossed back to Earth. (I've duplicated the fragrance and it's available here.)

To win one of these prizes,
Visit Scott's blog to discover who said, "Magic is not just spells. The magic you see on the outside—making pots and pans fly or brewing potions to make boys swoon before you—is but a tiny fraction of the power of true magic. The real power of magic lies within you. Who you are, what you do, and most importantly of all, what you may become."

Leave a comment before midnight, Sunday, July 20th, stating the name of the person quoted and tell me which of the two prizes (manuscript page or small vial of dawn chime fragrance) you'd like to win.

I will select two winners completely at random and post them on Monday, July 21st.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Twilight on the Brain

Some of you may have noticed a plethora of Twilight related materials suddenly appearing on this blog, and you're thinking, "What the heck?"

Well, yes.

See, a real job would interfere with my ability to read all day.

So I have to find a way to earn a living via the Internet. Ergo, the Twilight obsession.

I should have started this project months ago. And I would have. Except I didn't have the idea until just now. Therefore, I need lots of help (this is me, begging) getting the word out and making this thing go viral.

I now have three Twilight promotions/sites going on:

Twilight Trivia — THE largest collection of Twilight Trivia on the Internet. Plus links to several fun widgets, some of which I even made myself. Everything on this site is FREE to anyone.

Also, beginning on Monday, I will have a Twilight Trivia question of the week. sponsored by CustomScentsOnline. Correct answers will be entered to win a sample of a Twilight fragrance.

What's in it for you? If you put my Twilight Trivia button on your sidebar, you could win a Twilight fragrance. (Send me an e-mail me for more info.)

Twilight Fragrances — Twilight inspired fragrances are for sale on CustomScentsOnline. There are currently six fragrances and people who have tried them, love them.

What's in it for you? I've developed a CustomScentsOnline affiliate program. If you put my Twilight Fragrance button on your side bar and blog about it, I will give you a code that will give your readers 10% off their purchase and you will earn a 5% affiliate fee. (Go HERE for more information.)

Twilight Bracelets — Create your own Twilight charm bracelet. Each charm on this site represents something from the Twilight series. You can order a bracelet similar to the one Jacob gave Bella for graduation, or custom select the charms that are meaningful to you.

What's in it for you? I've developed a Twilight Bracelets affiliate program. If you put my Twilight Bracelet button on your side bar and blog about it, I will give you a code that will give your readers Free Shipping on their purchase and you will earn a 5% affiliate fee. (Go HERE for more information.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't tell me you wouldn't buy it

Yesterday, Megan Twittered: I need to eat all my Reeces Puffs NOW so I can get the Batman action figures in the specially marked box!

And I thought, no fair!

So my next business idea?
The grown-up cereal with a prize in the box!

Friday, July 11, 2008

All's Fair by Julie Coulter Bellon

I love my friend, Julie Bellon. I really do. I met Julie when we lived in the same neighborhood, and really got to know her when she tended my youngest daughter, when I had to go back to work after my divorce. I absolutely trusted her with my child, and that’s saying a lot about what I think of Julie’s character.

Julie and I have a lot in common. I’m from the U.S.; she’s Canadian. I have a respectable number of children (4); she has 6 and 7/9ths. My kids are all adults now; she’s having a baby any minute. Julie is kind and patient and a wonderful mother; I’m a little high strung and extremely excitable. In addition to raising her children, Julie teaches journalism for BYU (actually using her college degree), is active in her Church and community, and writes books; I sit around and eat nouggies all day, using my Mensa level IQ to think of ways to get out of work.

Julie and I have learned to respect our differences over the years—especially when we start talking about books. I will tell her about a new sci-fi novel that I loved and Julie rolls her eyes and thinks, “Freak.” She’ll tell me about the romance she just read (or wrote), and I mutter, “Pansy,” under my breath.

But despite all that, I really do love Julie. So I jumped at the chance to review her new book, All’s Fair, and to be part of her blog tour. I called Julie up after I finished her book.

Me: So, Julie. You wrote another one of those (cough! ack! ahem!) romances again. I thought you said you were done with that and this one was going to be action/adventure. But no. Not only have you written another romance, but there are actually TWO romances in this book—Kristen and Ryan, and Brandon and Rachel. What’s up with that?

Julie: It’s not a romance. It’s romantic suspense. Didn’t you notice all the suspense in there? There are kidnappings by terrorists, bombs and bullets everywhere. Then there’s Homeland Security getting involved, and betrayal, deception and intrigue on every page.

Me: Oh, yes. I liked those parts. I liked the sandstorm and the dead bodies. I liked Michael, the evil ex-fiancĂ© and his ex-wife, Madj. I’m thinking maybe they still have a little sumthin’ sumthin’ going on. And I liked it when Kristen was kicking Ryan’s behind in the political PR. Hah! Showed him.

Julie: What parts didn’t you like, you freak?

Me: Well, you know. The kissing and the hand holding, pansy-face.

Julie: There are only a couple of kisses in the entire book and they’re at the very end. Geez, what is your problem?

Me: Well, yes. But there was all that smoldering eye-meeting stuff. And the heart-pounding. Plus, you know, they wanted to kiss. . . ick. (makes retching sounds)

Julie: Oh, grow up! So how badly did you want to poke your eyes out with a fork when you were reading my book?

Me: It really wasn’t that bad. I read it in an afternoon. I was going to call you right away, but I had to go to the doctor. Can you help me put these eye drops in?

Julie: Fine. Was there anything else you liked about the book?

Me: Well, if I were willing to admit to liking romantic suspense, I’d probably say I liked this one. I would say that I liked that it’s set in Iraq and has a strong supportive statement of our troops. I would say I liked that Kristen and Rachel, the two female characters, are strong, independent, professional women. I would say that I was really impressed that Rachel wasn’t a total wuss, even when she got shot. And I would say that I loved your opening scene when Kristen got caught in the rain in her wedding dress, then meets up with Ryan and she’s drenched and muddy and practically hypothermic and she has to go to his cabin and wear his ex-wife’s pajamas. Hah!

But since I will never admit to liking anything to do with romance, I can’t really say those things. Because I’m not a wimpy, cry-baby, pansy-face.

Julie: I don’t know why I even bothered giving you my book to review. I knew it was going to be like this. Do you have any serious questions you want to ask me?

Me: Yes. When are you ever going to name a character after me?

Julie: Actually, I’ve modeled a character after you in the book I’m working on right now. She’s an evil spy who pretends to be a double-agent for the U.S., while pretending to work for a group in Russia who are trying to reconsolidate the Soviet Union, all the while she’s actually part of a secret organization whose sole goal is to find an ancient artifact that will allow them to manipulate the magnetic forces of the earth to cause earthquakes of staggering magnitudes anywhere in the world, and they plan to thereby assume control of all the current political structures by threatening devastation by earthquake if they don’t cooperate. Her boyfriend betrays her in the end and she dies a very long and gruesome and agonizing death.

Me: Ooh, cool! Finally a plot I can really get into. When does that one come out?

Julie: Freak.

You can purchase a copy of Julie Coulter Bellon’s book, All’s Fair, here.

To read more about Julie and her other books, to read a sample chapter of All’s Fair, or to participate in Julie’s charity drive to send Care Packages to our troops in Iraq, visit her website here.

If you’re in the vicinity of Salt Lake City, Utah, you can catch Julie on Good Things Utah on Monday morning, July 14th, at 10:00 a.m. on Channel 4 (ABC). I’ve got my TIVO set already!

Especially for Twilight Fans!

Remember how frustrated I was last week when Blogger had locked me out of a new blog and I couldn't work on my totally cool new idea? Well, it's all resolved and ready to go.

Announcing my newest enterprise. . .just in time to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer's newest and final installment in the Twilight series.

Twilight Bracelets

The "in" thing for Twilight fans.

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Whatever your preference, show the world that you're a fan by designing your very own Twilight bracelet or pin.

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How's that for a totally cool deal?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I SHOULD be ashamed of myself

I am just in one of those moods where everything is ticking me off.

First, I've been very nauseated the last two weeks. Really bad. If I didn't KNOW BETTER (and I do), I'd think I was pregnant. But I'm not. Absolutely not.

Anyway, the only things I can really tolerate eating are Michelina's Mac & Cheese (the Zap 'Ems) and SF FudgsiclesTM.

Did you notice there's no link to the Zap 'Ems? That's because they don't make them anymore. Apparently they've replaced them with the "Authentico" line—which doesn't taste the same. It's icky.

So all week, I've been trying new brands of mac and cheese.

And all I can say is, yuk, yuk and double yuk.

(And don't anyone suggest I try Kraft or homemade because I don't want to cook!)

Now. I know I'm pulling a Veruca Salt here. I know there are starving children all over the world who if someone handed them the Aunthentico mac & cheese for lunch, they'd think they'd died and gone to heaven. I should feel grateful for what I have.

But I'm just not in a very grateful mood today.

Plus I have to go to the dentist to have a filling replaced, because apparently I am getting OLD and that happens a lot to OLD people.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Winner of The Decider

The winner of Tuesday's Summer Reading Thing book, The Decider by Dick Francis is commenter #3, storyengineer.

Please send me your snail mail address and I'll get your prize right out to you.

And speaking of snail maill addresses, I still need them from Kerry and Eva, from the Summer Road Trip prizes.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Reading Thing Prize

Time for another prize! If you've signed up for Summer Reading Thing 2008, simply leave a comment on this post and you're entered in the drawing.

Decider by Dick Francis is a murder mystery set in the world of horse racing. The promo reads:

Architect Lee Morris inherits a partial ownership in the Statton Park racecourse—and with it, a dangerous position among the warring upper-class family trying to settle its fate. Morris would like to see the course restored to its former grandeur, but the various Stratton heirs have plans of their own. When an explosion rocks the grandstands, the disagreement turns violent—and Morris finds himself in a race to save himself and his family from an unknown culprit...

I've read several of Dick Francis' books and really liked them but I read the Reader's Digest Condensed versions. This book is part of a box of books someone gave me to use as prizes. I haven't read it so if you get it and it has naughty language or scenes, I'm sorry. The book is mass-market paperback, and in very good condition except for a couple of little spots on the cover.

Eligibility for this prize:
  1. Must be signed up for the Summer Reading Thing 2008. (If you're not, sign up now.)

  2. Must leave a comment on THIS POST before midnight tomorrow (Tuesday, July 8, 2008).

  3. Must have a shipping address within the U.S.

Friday, July 04, 2008

A Closer Look Meme

Josi tagged me for this meme about three weeks ago. I promised her I would get to it. Since today is a holiday and I can procrastinate all my work commitments without guilt, here goes.

1. My Kitchen Sink:
Usually it's stacked with dirty dishes but I actually loaded the dishwasher yesterday, before I decided to do this meme today. The purple bowl is from where I was washing up some Urban Botanic mixing glasses yesterday. The plate with the orange smears—nachos from a late dinner last night.

2. Inside My Fridge:
Nothing really shocking here—although there is a wilted lei in there somewhere, a gift from Megan's dad on graduation day, and a way too ripe to eat canteloupe that some boy used to invite Megan to the prom. Oh, and a bag of nouggies that I said I wasn't eating anymore. I fell off the wagon on Wednesday.

3. My Favorite Shoes:
The pair on the left are new favorites. I haven't worn sandals in 13 years because of defective big toes. But since my first pedicure in June, I've worn sandals every. single. day. And these are my favs (Three cheers for Old Navy). The pair on the right have been my favs for about 3 years. I love them because 1) they're my favorite color of dark red; 2) they are extremely comfy—plenty of room in the toe so they don't smoosh my defective toes and they're squooshy in the soles; 3) they're clogs—as in, they slip on and don't make me feel like my head is going to pop off when I bend over to put them on. I will cry the day I have to trash them.

4. My Closet:
It's sort of empty because a) I need to do laundry; and b) I don't have many summer clothes because I need 3/4 sleeves, which are hard to find. I also don't like the ice cream colors that are popular right now. As I look at my clothes, I notice two things: 1) 90% are hand-me-downs or from D.I.; and 2) I sort of have a need for order. Notice how they hang short-sleeves first, then long sleeves, then skirts, then dresses? I really need my closet to be organized that way.

5. The Laundry Pile:
Another tribute to my need for organization. I have three baskets—whites, light colors and dark colors.

6. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now:
I have no idea. All but one live on their own. Megan is here but she would absolutely kill me if I took her photo right now. But if I did, it would look something like what her brother, Lucky, is doing right now—
There are days when he's the only one of my children that I see. (Sigh)

7. My Favorite Room:
My living room. It's my favorite because usually it's neat and clean and semi-organized. Today the coffee table is pushed over to the side because that's where I put it for Grandma Day and I haven't moved it back yet. I love the colors in this room. It was decorated by my good friend, Jana. I also love that it has lots of books in it. My dream is to build floor to ceiling shelves in here some day. (You can see more photos here.)

8. My Most Recent Purchase:
Was there ever any doubt what this photo would be? Actually, my most recent purchase was groceries, but they're all put away and I'm not getting them back out for a photo. Besides, they're boring. I got these the other day when a Borders Gift Card was burning a hole through my pocket (thanks, Suan!). I had picked out City of Ember. Then I was just browsing. There was this man there and a Border's employee was trying to help him find a good book—and not doing too well. So I started making suggestions. I don't think he bought any of the sci-fi/fantasy I suggested, but I bought three that he suggested. I have no idea when I will read them because my Summer Reading Thing list is already too long. . .

9. My Fantasy Vacation:
Okay, this is going to sound weird, but my fanstasy vacation would start the day after Christmas and go through the end of March. I would go down to St. George, UT and stay in a small condo ALONE and I would write and rest Monday through Friday. Then have my family come visit over the weekends. In addition to needing organization in my life, I also have a very strong need for lots of "alone" time.

10. Self-Portrait:
It's a holiday. What did you expect? A suit and make-up? Hah! I didn't intentionally take my photo in front of my vision board, but since it's there. . . Do you notice those pictures of Oprah? That's her exclaiming over how much she loves my novels.

Okay now. Who to tag? All my usual victims have done this already. Hmmmm. . . I tag Megan and Natasha and Erika.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

How to Frustrate the Heck Out of Yourself

  1. Have a cool idea.

  2. Go overboard and blow the cool idea up into a full-scale retail money making idea and start on a business plan, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

  3. Spend hours researching similar-but-not-quite-as-cool ideas as yours.

  4. Figure out how to make your cool idea the coolest one on the blogosphere.

  5. Create a new blog for your cool new idea.

  6. Spend hours figuring out how to make a very cool template to match your very cool idea.

  7. Make a temporary post and just type in gobbledy-gook (eg: jfklsu dkl) so you can see what the template looks like.

  8. Get up the next day all excited to jump in and finish the blog design and load it with your cool ideas only to discover that the gobbledy-gook post triggered something in Blogger and they now have you LOCKED OUT of that site because they think it might be a splog.

  9. And it can take up to FOUR business days for them to review and unlock it.

  10. Pull your hair out at the roots because this is a time-sensitive cool idea and if it doesn't hit SOON it won't be cool anymore!

Dead in the Desert

It feels weird to go from posting every single day (or more often) during my Summer Road Trip, to this week. I've posted once (this is #2).

But I have a good excuse.

It's just too dang hot! This is where I live. My house is right behind that rock.

I just can't function when the heat goes up to 90+.

This is my brain. Isn't it pretty with all the colors?

This is my brain when the temperature hits 90F.

I am a non-functioning blob, living on Fudgesicles and SoBes.

And today, it's supposed to hit 102. (Nooooooooooo!!)