Friday, July 04, 2008

A Closer Look Meme

Josi tagged me for this meme about three weeks ago. I promised her I would get to it. Since today is a holiday and I can procrastinate all my work commitments without guilt, here goes.

1. My Kitchen Sink:
Usually it's stacked with dirty dishes but I actually loaded the dishwasher yesterday, before I decided to do this meme today. The purple bowl is from where I was washing up some Urban Botanic mixing glasses yesterday. The plate with the orange smears—nachos from a late dinner last night.

2. Inside My Fridge:
Nothing really shocking here—although there is a wilted lei in there somewhere, a gift from Megan's dad on graduation day, and a way too ripe to eat canteloupe that some boy used to invite Megan to the prom. Oh, and a bag of nouggies that I said I wasn't eating anymore. I fell off the wagon on Wednesday.

3. My Favorite Shoes:
The pair on the left are new favorites. I haven't worn sandals in 13 years because of defective big toes. But since my first pedicure in June, I've worn sandals every. single. day. And these are my favs (Three cheers for Old Navy). The pair on the right have been my favs for about 3 years. I love them because 1) they're my favorite color of dark red; 2) they are extremely comfy—plenty of room in the toe so they don't smoosh my defective toes and they're squooshy in the soles; 3) they're clogs—as in, they slip on and don't make me feel like my head is going to pop off when I bend over to put them on. I will cry the day I have to trash them.

4. My Closet:
It's sort of empty because a) I need to do laundry; and b) I don't have many summer clothes because I need 3/4 sleeves, which are hard to find. I also don't like the ice cream colors that are popular right now. As I look at my clothes, I notice two things: 1) 90% are hand-me-downs or from D.I.; and 2) I sort of have a need for order. Notice how they hang short-sleeves first, then long sleeves, then skirts, then dresses? I really need my closet to be organized that way.

5. The Laundry Pile:
Another tribute to my need for organization. I have three baskets—whites, light colors and dark colors.

6. What My Kids Are Doing Right Now:
I have no idea. All but one live on their own. Megan is here but she would absolutely kill me if I took her photo right now. But if I did, it would look something like what her brother, Lucky, is doing right now—
There are days when he's the only one of my children that I see. (Sigh)

7. My Favorite Room:
My living room. It's my favorite because usually it's neat and clean and semi-organized. Today the coffee table is pushed over to the side because that's where I put it for Grandma Day and I haven't moved it back yet. I love the colors in this room. It was decorated by my good friend, Jana. I also love that it has lots of books in it. My dream is to build floor to ceiling shelves in here some day. (You can see more photos here.)

8. My Most Recent Purchase:
Was there ever any doubt what this photo would be? Actually, my most recent purchase was groceries, but they're all put away and I'm not getting them back out for a photo. Besides, they're boring. I got these the other day when a Borders Gift Card was burning a hole through my pocket (thanks, Suan!). I had picked out City of Ember. Then I was just browsing. There was this man there and a Border's employee was trying to help him find a good book—and not doing too well. So I started making suggestions. I don't think he bought any of the sci-fi/fantasy I suggested, but I bought three that he suggested. I have no idea when I will read them because my Summer Reading Thing list is already too long. . .

9. My Fantasy Vacation:
Okay, this is going to sound weird, but my fanstasy vacation would start the day after Christmas and go through the end of March. I would go down to St. George, UT and stay in a small condo ALONE and I would write and rest Monday through Friday. Then have my family come visit over the weekends. In addition to needing organization in my life, I also have a very strong need for lots of "alone" time.

10. Self-Portrait:
It's a holiday. What did you expect? A suit and make-up? Hah! I didn't intentionally take my photo in front of my vision board, but since it's there. . . Do you notice those pictures of Oprah? That's her exclaiming over how much she loves my novels.

Okay now. Who to tag? All my usual victims have done this already. Hmmmm. . . I tag Megan and Natasha and Erika.


Anonymous said...

OOh. I love Brandon Sanderson, especially his Mistborn books. I hope you enjoy them too!

Kimberly said...

Love this meme! Really do need to get around to it.

Loooove that colour of red, and the best place I've found for 3/4 length sleeves is Dress Barn (luuurve that store).

Stacy G. Anderson said...


I love the honesty in this post! Kudos to you for showing the world your Popeye creed - I yam who I yam!

I wish more people were like you....


Jen said...

My grandma owns a condo in St George that she rents out a month at a time when its not in use by family. Maybe your dream vacation isn't that much out of reach.

This meme scares me. I know someone is going to tag me when my house looks awful. :)