Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sucked into the Whirpool

Have you ever felt that you were trapped in a whirlpool?

Not a pretty one, like this:

Or a practical one, like this:

Or a Calgon-take-me-away one, like this:

No. I'm talking about the full-blown, rip-roaring, the-kraken-is-going-to-eat-me ocean storm type of whirlpool, like this:

And I can't swim. . .

That's my summer in a nutshell.

It started with Megan's graduation in May.

Then my mother and cousin came for a visit and we had a great time together.

Then there was that totally spontaneous, totally fun Summer Road Trip.

Followed by the Summer Book Trek (which I helped set up and coordinate) and the Summer Reading Thing (sponsored by moĆ®). And various blog tours I participated in (see sidebar), which were hard because I needed new glasses but didn't know it and so spent several weeks feeling urpy.

Then the all-out Twilight craziness, in which I launched a new business, a trivia blog, and ramped up the Twilight inspired fragrances (all three of which are doing surprisingly well, btw), ending with the Twilight Sleepover Party that my sister talked me into doing. It was loads of fun—we had pedicures, made Twilight charm bracelets, Twilight t-shirts and book bags, Twilight bookmarks, went to the B&N Twilight party, then the next morning we went to breakfast and later made Twilight fragrances, oh and yes, in betwixt all that, we read the Twilight book—but I'm still recovering from all that fun and I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet.

And mixed in with all that, there were doctor trips for me (my new glasses are great, but are taking some getting used to), for my DH, for my puppy. We're all doing fine but that stuff sure eats up your day.

Plus there is my weekly Grandma Day, where I tend both my cute little grandsons all day.
Did I mention that Baby Shrek (left) can walk all over the place now and that Baby Burrito (right) is almost crawling?

And a weekly meeting with a group of women where we are supporting each other in changing our lives. And then there are the monthly Blogging Babes events (that I've sadly missed lately) and my monthly Writers Group. Oh, and church. Can't forget that.

Oh, and yes, I have to work for a living, so there are the UB parties, and the editing and typesetting, and the order placing and shipping of bracelets and perfumes. And UB just launched a new party format, new kit with reduced price to join up, and some other training things, so I'm concentrating on that. (You did know that UB is my baby's company, right?)

Next up, I'm leaving on Thursday for another trip to Kentucky. All my siblings will be there and we're having a family photo taken in celebration of my parents' upcoming 50th anniversary (this January).

I get back two days before my baby boy gets married. My parents are coming back with me, to stay for a week.

Then another baby starts college.

And my other baby is moving into a new apartment in September.

Plus I have a few freelance jobs with deadlines looming.

Whirl. Whirl. Whirl. And whirl some more.

I'm not complaining, really. Well, maybe just a little, but not because I don't like doing all this stuff. I do. But while I love it when my life is full, sometimes I get lost in the whirl-a-palooza. And this blog gets sucked into that whirlpool too, becoming a home for flotsam and jetsam and various sea monsters. Not at all what I intended it to be.

So, coming September, I'm making some changes. I'm slowing down and considering what is important to me, making priorities, cutting back, cleaning up. All that jazz.

But right now? Right now I have to go get Baby Shrek out of bed because I can hear him in there talking to himself, saying "Uh oh" over and over again.

Now playing on my iPod: iPod...iPod...where'd I put that iPod?!?


Summer said...

I loved reading this post. You are one busy woman, and I definitely identify with you there. Right now I'm in a whirlpool of my own, but I'm hoping the start of school for the boys will alleviate some of the strength of the pull. :)

Anna Maria Junus said...

I'm jealous. It sounds like you had tons of fun stuff to do.

My summer has been well, really really boring.

And unfortunately I don't have any writing deadlines.