Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Book Trek Wrap-Up Post

Technically, I have one more day to read for the Summer Book Trek, but I don't think I'm going to get anything new posted, or reviewed. So I'm posting my wrap-up now.

1. How many fiction books by LDS authors did you read?

2. Did you read more than you would have read if you hadn't participated in this book trek? Yes. I have a stack of national, non-LDS titles that I probably would have read instead, were it not for this challenge.

3. Did the reviews posted by other participants influence which titles you read? How? Sort of. I'd already picked my titles for this challenge—many based on books reviewed during other challenges or by regular LDS book reviewers. Reviews posted for this challenge influenced the list I'm creating for the Fall Into Reading challenge that starts on September 22nd.

4. Did the Whitney awards influence which titles you read? How? Not for this challenge. I'd already read them. But the Whitneys in general have caused me to read more LDS fiction.

5. Did the many, many virtual blog tours that happened this summer influence which titles you read? How? Well, yes, because I was asked to participate in many of them.

6. Did you finish all the books you had planned to read? If not, why? No. Got too busy. But I'm hoping to finish them by the end of the Summer Reading Thing. If not, they'll go on my fall list.

7. Did you discover any new authors whom you now love? I'd never read any by Lynn Kurland before, and she was pretty good. I also liked the triplets: Lael Litke, Carrol Morris and Nancy Anderson. I think I'll read them again.

8. Did you nominate any of the books you read for Whitney awards? Yes. Several.

9. Would you be interested in another LDS themed reading challenge either this winter, or next summer? Yes. Maybe twice a year? Winter and summer?

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Danyelle Ferguson said...

Karlene - It was fun to do the Book Trek with you. Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my reviews! Hope to see you at the next challenge!