Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Deals? Of Course!

Jeri asked:
I love ticket to ride! I need to buy two more games (family gifts) for Christmas. On the grand opening day, will I be able to get a good deal? I can get it on Amazon for $38. (free shipping) Let me know. If it's a better deal - I'll come visit.
We'll have some fantabulous deals. I can't quote you a price right now because we're busy stocking the shelves and entering things into the computer to get ready for the Grand Opening on November 15th.

But I can tell you this. A few days before the opening, I'll be posting a coupon here that you can print off and bring to the store that will give you 25% off any one item.

We'll also be having some Free Drawings for toy and book packages, several valued at over $300!

That alone is worth the trip!

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