Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grandma Day

I didn't get to blog about the new store yesterday because two of the cutest critters on the planet ran me in circles all day. (And I loved it!)

Not only can Baby Shrek shove three whole corn cobs in his mouth at the same time, but he also learned to jump since I saw him last (on Friday). He jumped on command all day long, and laughed and giggled and ran in circles after each jump. His command of language is also growing. He handed a box of Wheatables to Megan and demanded, "Crackers!"

Not to be outdone, Baby Burrito popped a new tooth through yesterday, which makes a whopping six of them now! He also is learning to walk. He took 8 steps between myself and his momma. He also took three steps, paused for a minute and looked around, and then took several more steps.

With this much excitement goingo on, can you blame me if I forgot about the store for one day?

But never fear, I'll be posting the promised coupon in just a few minutes.

1 comment:

Annette Lyon said...

So cute. And they really do look like Grandma.