Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it snow. . .

See this?

This is what's happening in front of my house right now!

I left early this morning to do the very last of my Christmas shopping. The only thing I still needed was a gift for my husband who, after giving me a Wii and new clothes and a Kindle (all of which were supposed to count as birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts), expected me to give him a windbreaker he'd picked up for himself at Deseret Industries (thrift store)!

Uh-uh. Ain't happening.

I thought I'd run out this morning to the bank, the grocery, the post office and to get his gift. I went to Wal-Mart first. And no, they didn't have what I've decided to get Mr. I-Don't-Really-Need-Anything — and I came out to a blizzard! I was going to go on to the next store—what's a little snow to Cordelia anyway? But she barely made it out of the parking lot!

I headed home, slipping and sliding the whole way. I carried in one batch of groceries. Then shoveled my way back out to my car. In the less than one minute it took me to grab the second (and fortunately, last) batch of groceries, the snow had completely covered where I'd shoveled.

I'm supposed to go to work at 1:00 p.m. but I'm sort of hoping they shut the store down and tell me to stay home. It's really gross out there. Then I could stay in bed all day and read. And let's pretend I don't already have 40 books waiting their turn, because I can instantly download and read any book that my heart desires because I have a Kindle! (DH's anniversary gift to me.)


Annette Lyon said...

No kidding. I had planned on some final grocery shopping today. NO WAY is that happening with the snow like it is!

The kids are having a ball out there, though.

Jeri said...

YIKES! I really need to get out and finish up my shopping - plus I have a dr appt in Orem this afternoon. Maybe I'll call and cancel. I love looking a the snow, through a window in my warm house with a nice steaming cup of hot cocoa - I HATE driving in it.

Sandra said...

Ya, Matt and I just went to the aforementioned Wal-mart and I was so glad that I have 4 wheel drive! We both have a dr. appt. in an hour and I am not looking forward to that little drive down the hill. And I know I have to go out tomorrow because I have a meeting. I am like Jeri- give me my fireplace, some cocoa and a good book and leave the snow in the windowpane.

But Brandi and Jake had fun sledding this morning.