Monday, December 08, 2008

"Leverage" had me at Timothy

One of the new shows I've been impatiently awaiting premiered last night. And?

Worth. The. Wait.

The basic premise of Leverage is that Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton) is a former insurance investigator who reclaimed millions of dollars in stolen property for his company. Then, when his son was ill, the company refused to pay for experimental treatment and his son died. Ford is now unemployed and bitter. In this first episode, he's conned into stealing designs for a new airplane, along with a team of thieves he knows from his previous line of work—he caught them all. They do a double-cross, retrieve the information, get the bad guy and then decide to stay together to help people who need "leverage" in their fight against the rich, powerful and corrupt.

This first episode was fast paced, kept me interested the entire time, and was reminiscent of what I loved so much as a child when I first watched Mission: Impossible. Although I've not seen Ocean's 11 (or it's sequels), I understand that it's got a similar feel to it. This show may very quickly rise to the top of my list of favorite shows.

Okay, bad stuff first. Some of the acting was a little shaky. The weakest link was Beth Riesgraf, who plays sociopathic thief, Parker. Yes, she's supposed to be crazy and not quite fit in, laughing at the wrong times. But her acting was choppy and unstable, and not quite at the believable level yet.

Another disappointment was Christian Kane (gasp!). I know, I know! He was wonderful as Lindsey in Angel and I can't believe he wasn't perfect here too. Kane plays muscle guy Eliot Spencer, and he's a little off his stride here. However, I have faith that he'll improve.

Gina Bellman was believable as the con artist, Sophie Devereaux. Alec Hardison, as Aldis Hodge the computer geek, was dead on. Loved him. But the shining star of the show? Is there any doubt? Timothy Hutton, as Nathan Ford the good guy turned a little shady, was spectacular. Maybe I'm a little biased because I've always had a tiny bit of a crush on him (I even liked him in Nero Wolfe), but I did a quick google on the reviews of the show and everyone seems to agree with me that Hutton is the show.

If you missed the first episode, TNT will probably re-run it some time this week. Episode two will be on at its regular time, Tuesday, 10/9c. I've got my DVR set already!

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