Tuesday, December 30, 2008

People are stupid

I got a call at 5:45 a.m. this morning. DH hit an ice patch on the way to work and was stuck in a ditch. He thought he could dig his way out so I took him a shovel.

Now. Picture this. It's dark. The road is covered with snow and ice—clearly has not been plowed. My Jeep is sitting in the right hand lane, inside lights ON and my headlights turned on bright—clearly illuminating my husband's car sticking out of the ditch and partially blocking the left hand lane several yards ahead. A few more yards down, there is another car in the ditch with hazard lights blinking—clearly indicating that this is a sticky situation. Got it?

So what would YOU do if you turned onto this street? Slow down, assess the situation, then turn around and go another way? That is what one smart driver did.

Or maybe slow down, assess the situation, and if you had 4-wheel drive proceed very cautiously? That is what another smart driver did.

But three very not-smart drivers came barreling down the road, close to 40 mph, weaving around me, then around DH's rear end (the car's, not his), slipping and sliding past the other ditch-bound car and continuing on their very oblivious way.

P.S. DH got out okay. A friend from work had a truck and a tow strap.


Sandra said...

I say that every single time I get in my car. You should have seen the high school parking lot during the last snowstorm before the break. You want stupid! and it was the parents, not the students.

Julie Wright said...

People are insane! Glad it all turned out okay

Cindy Beck said...

People are just plain nuts, that's for sure. The problem is they think they're invicible. And no one cares if they kill themselves, but the problem is they always take other people with them!

Glad neither you nor DH were injured.

Hope you have a terrific 2009!