Thursday, February 19, 2009

So what? I hate spinach anyway. . .

God has blessed me with so many things for which I am truly grateful—but a strong and dependable body was not one of them.

For the most part, I've come to terms with that. I mostly ignore the little inconveniences my body subjects me to and the embarrassing side-effects of a poorly functioning digestive system. I rarely get angry and rail at the universe, nor do I spend much time in self-pitying sobfests.

(Although I do occasionally release a long, slow, heart-deep sigh over the impossibility of achieving my life-long dream to become Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

But today. Today I went to the doctor only to discover something new is contributing to the overall malaise I've been feeling lately. I'm anemic. Not just the oh-you're-a-woman anemic, or even the maybe-you-should-eat-some-spinach anemic.

No, not me. I get to go straight from normal to full-blown, we-need-to-stick-a-needle-in-your-arm-and-pump-you-full-of-iron anemic!

So today I'm indulging in all the immature and angry behaviors I can think of, like yelling at all the cars that cut me off while driving home from the doctor (six, to be precise), stomping around my house, slamming doors and cabinets, telling the dog he's stupid and fat, and in general, being a pain to live with. And eating all the nouggies in the house. (On my third bag right now.)

Sorry, family. You'll just have to cope. I'll be better tomorrow.

I promise.


Suan said...

tomorrow you will feel better :)
think positive...when they pump you full of iron maybe you will be all energized and feel wonderful!
have a nice nap :)

Sandra said...

So, that is the exact same thing that Jess was just diagnosed with!! I had to go find her iron pills with 325 mg/pill. Maybe we should put the two of you in a room and lock you in there.

Do you need me to bring you something?

Cindy Beck said...

You're anemic? This can not possibly be! I've never seen a woman cover as much ground as you do.

What does that say about the rest of us, who aren't anemic? Possibly that we're all slugs and snails... or other slow moving whats-its. :)

I can't envision how any one could keep up with you if you weren't anemic.

(All kidding aside, I'm sorry to hear you're anemic. That's a bummer, but it's good they caught it. Hope you start to feel better soon.)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I was pretty anemic while pregnant with my first, and when I started the iron, I was amazed at how much better I felt. Life suddenly had meaning again. Be not unhappy ... be excited about how awesome you'll feel after it all kicks in!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Karlene, everyone's right! You're going to feel a lot better when that iron kicks in. In the meantime, take advantage of it and tell everyone you just need to sleep. For a day or two.

Hugs! And you're entitled to a little door-slamming every now and then.

MoJo said...

Iron is a miracle, lemme tell ya. I've been on very high doses of it since 1996.

Once you get "caught up," all it takes is a pill or two in the morning and you'll never know you're anemic until you don't take your dose for a couple of days in a row.

Life-changing, is what it is.

Also. Eat more red meat. Yeah, even in the summer.

Anna Maria Junus said...

I was aneamic during one of my pregnancies.

Maybe I'm aneamic now, I have no energy.

Kenna said...

Ma! You need to eat more things that are green and less things that are brown LOL! (Don't we all)

Hope you feel better soon :) see u sun.