Friday, April 24, 2009

Josi Kilpack Visited Provident Book

Josi S. Kilpack, author of Lemon Tart, book one in a new culinary mystery series, visited Provident Book. This is her 9th published book and number 10, English Trifle, is due out in August. Josi started as an author with Cedar Fort, but is now with Deseret Book and doing very well. Lemon Tart has been #1 on their bestseller list for weeks now!

It was great having Josi visit and tell us how she got the idea for Lemon Tart. Turns out, it was sparked by a writing contest. It sat on the back burner for awhile, as she finished up other books, but I'm so glad she returned to it because it's one of my favs. A great summer book, with mystery and intrigue, and a fun busy-body of a neighbor as the main character.

Sandra, Rebecca, Josi, Heather

We had a good turn out—even though a lot of our usual book club members weren't able to make it. Some people came a long way to meet Josi—Heather came all the way from Fillmore and Rebecca came all the way from Colorado, just to visit our store! (Okay, not really. They were coming for the LDStorymakers Conference this weekend, but they did make the effort to come by the store for the book club. Thanks, ladies! And you're welcome to stop in any time.)

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