Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Big Fat Life-Changing Event

I finally have permission to blog about that life event I mentioned last week. (No, Rebecca, I'm not pregnant. I can't believe you'd try to jinx me like that!) I was going to blog about this yesterday, but I figured no one would believe me.

So here it is, the BIG news:

Megan is getting married!

Meet Kendall Duclos. He’s in our stake. He recently returned from a Chinese-speaking mission in Australia. While we had never met him or his family, we have a lot of friends in common and they all say he’s wonderful and his family is wonderful.

Of course, we could tell that within minutes of meeting him ourselves. He is a sweetheart and so kind to Megan. He fits in our family very well.

They’ve set a date of September 19th. They’re waiting until fall because Kendall may be going to Texas this summer for a job. We’re hoping he gets one closer to home.

McKenna took their engagement photos. You can see a little video of it HERE.

So now I can hear some of my more obnoxious...uhm... ornery...uhm... fun readers asking, "Karlene, that's Megan's big life event, not yours. What? Do you live vicariously through all your children?"

And the answer is: Yes, I do. Doesn't everyone?

Besides, Megan is my last baby bird to leave the nest. My three other children have already flown. When Megan leaves, it will be just me, DH, the dog, three cats, and a few miscellaneous vermin that come to visit in the winter time.

So yes, it is a BIG life event for me!

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G. Parker said...

Wow, Karlene!! How exciting. Your last one to leave the nest...I guess that's going to be hard to deal with. I'm happy for ya!!!

Annette Lyon said...

That's exciting and a little bittersweet all at once. Congrats to Megan!

Sandra said...

I already told you how much I love Kendall. Megan is so lucky.

Taffy said...

cute couple! How exciting for you!

Rebecca Talley said...

See, now you really need to get pregnant and have another one so your nest isn't empty :).

Congrats!! What a cute couple and what exciting news. I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of news from my kids, though I have 2 old enough (kind of) to get married

Nichole Giles said...

Wow, I think that's big news for you. A new addition to the family is ALWAYS life altering for a mother. Congratulations to you and Megan.

And when you think you won't survive the stress, remind yourself that planning a wedding is supposed to be fun. (For the bride, at least!)

Katrina said...

Congratulations! I have a friend that served in that mission... many years ago... Have fun planning the wedding! ...said like, "Have fun storming the castle!" :D

Cindy Beck said...

Wow, that is a life-changing event! Congrats to Megan! And have fun planning the wedding ... said like, "Have fun with that appendectomy." :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

What adorable engagement pictures!

Anne Bradshaw said...

She looks gorgeous, and so does he! It is sad when the last one leaves, but wonderful also when they are a happy couple.