Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Coolness Factor Just Skyrocketed!

Before I start with all the photos, let me just say that I am the most un-photogenic person I know. Sorry about that.

But these photos of me with my totally cool peeps at the LDStorymakers Conference are just so cool that I had to post them.

First, I got to meet a couple of bloggers that I love and who love me back. (I hope.)

Kymberly—Oops! I put the question mark in the wrong place.
It's Temporary? Insanity

Dan Wells' book is out in the UK. Will be here in the US soon.
(And no, we're not related.) (My maiden name was Wells.)

Luisa is not only a great blogger, but also a gifted writer.
I know. I've read some of her stories. You can too, HERE.

I also got to take some photos with authors who
I am so pleased and grateful to call friends.
Because they are so talented.
Cindy is a soul-sister. I love her to death.
I first met Lori when she designed Cindy's book cover for Rosehaven.
She is a wonderful woman.

Stephanie writes incredibly twisted suspense.
She was one of my first blog friends. I'm so glad she won a Whitney.
Heather (yes, I know her well enough to call her Heather, instead of H.B.)
has done signings at Provident Book.
AND, she loaned me a library book and trusted me to return it on time.
See? I'm not just a groupie. We're friends.

Just before the Whitney Gala, I was pulled aside
to be part of a podcast for LDSWBR.
The podcast isn't posted yet, but I'll let you know when it is.

Shirley Bahlmann was one of the conference photographers.
She is also a great writer. I've read several of her books and liked them—
especially Walker's Gold.
(And yes, Shirley, I spelled your last name without looking it up. :)

Not sure how the photog (Shirley's son) did this
but he's got skillz.

And speaking of Shirley's sons. . .
Bron has a book coming out soon.

Dean Lorey wrote the Nightmare Academy series.
Also several movies and TV shows. (I actually saw My Boyfriend's Back on TV!)
He was the speaker during Friday night dinner. Hilariously funny.
He was very nice. He even SPOKE to me—
we had a couple of (short) conversations during the evening.

James Dashner signed my copies of his books.
I love his 13th Reality series. It won Best Youth Fiction.
I tried not to fawn.

I bought five of Janette Rallison's books. I "discovered" her at last year's conference.
My Fair Godmother sold out at this conference before I could get one. :(
I attended her class and it was great. She inspired me past a plot snag in my WIP.

The coup of the evening was this photo.
I admit, I don't "know" Brandon Sanderson.
(Uhm, I didn't really know Dean Lorey either,
but all the others I know well enough to approach if I saw them at the mall.)
I own ALL of his books. I like them—especially the Alcatraz series.

Normally, I don't stalk authors, nor do I ask complete strangers for photo ops.
But I couldn't help myself.
Plus, I wanted to impress my SIL.

There were so many others I wanted to get photos with—J. Scott Savage, Jessica Day George, Angela Hallstrom, Sarah Eden, Tanya Parker Mills, Nancy Allen, Tristi Pinkston, Julie Coulter Bellon, Kerry Blair, Candace Salima, and many, many more. But they saw me coming!


Cindy Beck said...

I'm so impressed because you have a ton of cool friends, AND you've done a podcast. May I touch the hem of your pants? :)

Way to go on the podcast!

Sandra said...

I am so jealous that I had to stay home and write a paper instead of hobknobbing with way cool people. I'll come over and try to not drool all over your signed books and bask in the afterglow. I really, really wanted to meet Kymberly.

At least I get to go to LDSBA.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Glad you were able to come, Karlene! And dang, we totally missed a photo op. I know I saw you at least twice during the weekend. :)

G. Parker said...

Oh man! I'm so jealous! You got to pose with Brandon!!! Well, at least I got to meet him back two years ago when he first spoke at ldstorymakers...sigh. Fun times, Karlene!!!

Josi said...

I will hold back from being offended because you did get so many totally cool people! It was great to see you, and thanks again for the signing--it was fun.

Kimberly said...

You are just amazing to have gotten all those photos - I was so nervous I didn't pull my camera out once! Lovely to meet you!

Rebecca Talley said...

You must be totally cool after all those photos!

Wasn't the conference so much fun? And I really enjoyed coming to Provident Book--very cool store--and seeing Josi was extra fun!