Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Whitney Winners

I just finished up a fabulous weekend at the LDStorymakers Writing Conference. It was great and I'm inspired and committed again. I'll be posting a little about it later.

But the breaking news is...the Whitney winners. Some of my picks won, but not in the category I chose for them. The only one I got right was the Youth category—because I picked all of them.

Best General Fiction

Best Historical:

Best Speculative:

Best Youth Fiction:

Best Mystery/Suspense:

Best Romance

Best Novel by a New Author

Best Novel of the Year


Cindy Beck said...

For those of us who couldn't stay for the Whitneys, thanks for giving a list of the winners.

And it was fun to see you at the Conference. Hope your tooth is doing better.

Josi said...

I'll be posting on my Humdinger signing later this week--but know that my daughter LOVED the tiger! She carried it around with her all weekend--and she's 15. She'd put it on her feet when she was reading, laid on it while watching TV, and put it on the bed with her at night. I totally scored.

Lori Nawyn said...


It was so fun to see you again at the conference. Thanks for the post on the Whitneys. Hope you are soon feeling better.



Tristi Pinkston said...

I picked the first half of the night and then the last award. All the stuff in the middle, I was way off.

I can't wait to hear your recap of the weekend!