Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clutter is Not a Character Defect!

Organizing is a skill.
(Organizing from the Inside Out,
Julie Morgenstern, 8)

Can you even imagine the relief I felt when that one sentence sunk into my brain?!!?

All my life, I've felt like there was a very organized person trapped inside me. I crave organization, clean lines, simple designs.

Most people think I'm very organized—and I suppose, compared to many, I am. But the truth is, I make attempts at organizing and decluttering but I never get it quite right.

Also, due to health issues, there are times when I shove things anywhere I can find a space—and then dealing with them later is overwhelming.

At the age of 49 1/2, I look around me at the clutter and disorganization in my life and I feel so guilty. I feel like I'm a bad person because of it. I mean, why in the world would I ever let it get so bad?! I'm embarassed and ashamed.

But when I read Julie's sentence from her book, I internalized something that previously I'd only hoped was true. Organizing is a skill set. There are concrete steps for learning how to do it and there are tools needed for success.

Disorganization and clutter is NOT a character defect. It's not a SIN. I am not a BAD PERSON.

If organizing is a skill, then I simply need to learn it and practice it.

I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders!

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