Thursday, May 28, 2009

CrAzY EiGhTs!

Heather (who I'm no longer speaking to because she's making me think too hard) tagged me for this Crazy Eights thing. I did one back in December. But whatever. I'll do it again. But with a twist.

Eight Things I Hope I Never Have to Do Again:
1. Be pregnant.
2. Have surgery.
3. Work a full-time job for someone else (besides myself).
4. Go on a diet.
5. Go out of business.
6. Tell a friend I didn't like their book.
7. Eat something yukky.
8. Move houses. (Unless I'm incredibly wealthy and can hire it done.)

Eight Things I Wish I'd Done With My Kids:
1. Taken them to the Smithsonian Museum(s).
2. Home-schooled.
3. Gone on more adventures.
4. Read with them more, played their games with them.
5. Told them how awesome they were/are more often. (A lot more often.)
6. Gone camping.
7. Gone on bike trips.
8. Gone on a road trip with each one individually, like I did with Megan last year.

Eight Things I'd Do If I Wasn't Such A Yellow-Bellied Chicken-Liver:
1. Sky dive.
2. Pack a gun.
3. Be more politically active.
4. Finish writing one of my 28 novels-in-progress.
5. Wear weird clothes.
6. Wear sandals—even though my big toenails are deformed.
7. Get a tattoo.
8. Sell everything I own and live in a hut on the beach (with Jim, of course).

Eight Things I Refuse to Do:
1. Join an MLM.
2. Eat raw fish, Chinese food or unusual animal parts.
3. Go camping—or stay overnight at any place that doesn't have indoor plumbing.
4. Go on Wife Swap.
5. Watch scary movies.
6. Go in the ocean/lake. (I can't swim, and there are creepy-crawlies in there.)
7. Drive at night.
8. Tag eight people.


Brillig said...

HAHAHA. I love the eight things you refuse to do! I COMPLETELY agree with all but #6. (Oh, and sometimes I have to do #7, but I don't like it one bit.)

This was a blast to read through. you kill me. :-D

Rebecca Talley said...

Love your lists.

I have been swimming in the ocean and in lakes, and yes there are creepy crawlers.

I've watched Wife Swap--so wouldn't do that. While I wouldn't mind bossing another family around, I so wouldn't want another woman in my house!