Monday, May 25, 2009

Serendipitous or What?

Funny thing. Just a few days ago, Anna Maria asked, "Hey, what happened to the seasonal reading challenges? Are they somewhere else?"

I'd been thinking about that and whether or not I should do a Summer Reading challenge. But with the wedding and all (30 days to go), I decided it would be too much for me right now. And I was kind of sad because I haven't done a reading challenge in awhile and Katrina at Callapidder Days doesn't do a summer one.

So anyway, I was surfing around some of my fav sites and found this over on one of the LDS Publisher sites:

Join us for the Summer Reading Thing 2009 reading challenge!

SRT 2009 is a great opportunity to set a reading goal and to share what you're reading with your bloggy friends. This "challenge" is meant to be fun and there are only a few rules.

Wow! I'd say it was an answer to prayer, except I didn't really pray about it.

I did the Summer Book Trek at that site last year. It was great. I may not have the time to host a reading challenge this summer, but I can participate in one.

You need to read fiction books by LDS authors—as many or as few as you want. It's simple. I'm signing up as soon as I have my book list ready.

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Anna Maria Junus said...

Thanks for mentioning my name!

I signed up for it. I have a lot of books on the list, but I doubt I'll get through them all.