Friday, June 05, 2009

Conquistador of Chaos

True confession #2 of psychological obstacles that keep me cluttered and disorganized.

Some people keep their lives or spaces disorganized because they love the thrill of coming to the rescue and creating order out of chaos. (Julie, OFIO, 25)

This does not apply directly to me. I hate disorganization. It makes me physically ill. I look at my chaos and I get so sick I have to sit down and cry.

I must admit though, I do like creating order out of other people's chaos. Or rather, showing them how to do it and then watching them do all the work. (ha!)

Anyway, the reason I've included this psychological obstacle is that I do exhibit some of the behaviors that Julie says fits this category. Here they are, along with my justification of why I don't think they're a fit for me.
  • I keep setting up systems and not sticking with them.

    Justification: I don't stick with them because they don't work. If I found one that worked well for me, I'd stick with it. For example, Julie's system. It worked well for me before, which is why I'm updating it now and finishing the process. Also, I had a time management system once that I loved—Franklin Covey's planner on my PDA. But when the PDA broke and I had to upgrade, the new & improved planner system didn't work like the old one. Not only did I not like it as well, but it left holes that allowed me to double-book things. A mess! I didn't stick with it because I was forced out by advancing technology!
  • I feel my organizational system is always in process, never complete.

    Justification: That's not because I like the chaos. It's because I never have the time, energy, or inclination (all at the same time) to finish putting the system in place throughout my entire life/roles. The places where I've used Julie's system are working well. I just need the time and some help to complete it.
  • Thrive on solving challenging problems but get bored with maintaining the solutions.

    Justification: Okay, maybe this one fits better than I'd like it to, but that's due to my strong entreprenuerial spirit. I like taking on new projects and challenges, getting them organized and up and running, then handing them over to someone else for daily operations while I take on a new project. I think there's a distinction between that and what Julie describes. Yes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
The other three behaviors she lists don't apply to me. (But maybe they apply to you. BUY HER BOOK.)

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