Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drawer Organizer Combo (Set of 5)

Polypropylene drawer organizers keep your stuff organized and fit practically anywhere. Translucent so your things are easy to find and hand washable so they're easy to keep clean. Set includes three small drawer organizers measuring 12" L x 4" W x 3" H and two medium drawer organizers measuring 12" L x 6" W x 3" H.

I love these! They're inexpensive and the long skinny ones are the perfect size for organizing my socks. I have one organizer for each color—blue, black, tan, misc colors, and holiday socks.

The bigger ones I use for organizing my bras (can I say that on the Internet?)

You can get them at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $9.99

If you use these or if you've found them cheaper somewhere else, let me know in the comments

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