Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fear of Losing Creativity

True confession #5 of psychological obstacles that keep me cluttered and disorganized.

Before I start this one, let me say I did fine one area that I have no issues in: Need to Retreat. At least, no issues that I am aware of.

After that one, this category is my smallest psycho obstacle and the easiest to overcome.

I'm very visually oriented and I like things to be pretty. That's why I'm a good typesetter and editor. I like to put the pretty on things. I'm not so good matching colors but yes, I like the pretty; I need the pretty.

So when I started organizing with Julie the first time, I went with color-coded file folders. I could afford them then. This time around, I almost didn't do it. Colored folders are more expensive and I need a lot of them. I thought about colored labels, but that just doesn't do it for me.

When I realized how deeply I respond to the pretty, I realized that in order for this system to work, I had to go for the color. (Sorry, Jim.)

Fortunately, I found some on sale (Smead Jewel Tones collection and Smead Brights collection, 5 colors per box each).

This is my system, coded for the various business ventures I'm involved in:
  • Rosehaven Publishing: Maroon (although I prefer to call it burgandy)
  • Miles Ahead Publishing: Lavendar
  • Professional Pre-Press: Green
  • Desert Rose Designs: Light Blue
  • Urban Botanic: Teal
  • CustomScentsOnline: Dark Purple
  • Home: Orange (for monthlies) and Navy (for long-term storage files)
  • Writing: Yellow (because isn't that a happy color?)
  • Blogging: Misc DiVoga fancy folders with ultra cool designs that I found on CLEARANCE at Office Max!

I also have some colors I haven't used yet—red, gray, pink. But they won't go to waste because I'm sure I'll be doing another business venture at some point that will need it's own color.

Anyway, I've got my pretty colors and this part of the problem is solved. Now I just need to put the files into use. I've gotten a start on it, but it will take time to complete.

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