Friday, June 05, 2009

Guess the Dress (Pre-SNORT Post)—CONTEST CLOSED

I wanted to do a big ta-do here on the blog, leading up to Megan's wedding, telling all about our adventures and what we did and when and how. Maybe do some contests and give away a few prizes (in lieu of a Summer Road Trip).

But some people seem to think that it's THEIR wedding or something and don't want me blabbity-blabbing on about it and turning their special day into a three-ring circus.


But in the spirit of compromise, I will attempt to show some restraint and limit my posts to just a few a week, to those things that I'm personally involved in, and to those things that are just too cool and exciting and I can't help myself. . .

First, my dress. I ended up ordering both of these:


Contest Question: Which one will I wear to the wedding? I love them both and I honestly haven't decided yet—and I may not make that decision until the day of. Leave your guess in the comments section—along with WHY you think I'll wear it—and I'll put all the correct answers in a pot and pull out a winner.

Prize? Haven't decided that yet either, but it will be either very cool or very funny—and probably wedding related.

*The winner of this obviously won't be notified until after the wedding. But I have some great immediate prizes coming up next week.

*Winners have to live in the U.S. (Sorry)

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Sandra said...

I think you'll end up with dress #1 because: a) the cowl neck, b)the weather that day c)the sleeves d) because I'm the mom and I said so. Oh, d) was meant for my kids, sorry.

Suan said...

kandis picks the shorter one...
reason-it's more versitable.
suan picks the longer one...
reason-i justlike it better :)

Jeri said...

I pick dress 2 - the longer one. I think you will were it because I like it better, and I think it looks more wedding-like-formal-y-ish, and you can coordinate it with the specific wedding colors (if wished) with a simple (yet elegant) jacket.

Natasha Ireland said...

I think you'll pick Dress #1... they are both cute but I think the short is a better version for a summer wedding :)

Anonymous said...

#2 I like it