Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guess the Pigs Winner

How many pigs does Karlene have in her living room?


(I had to count. I didn't know for sure.)

I have 21 in my bedroom, if you count the 2008 calendar that's still hanging because I like the pictures and the piggy socks and slippers—including this little cutie that my sister gave me.

Another 5 are in my TV room. In my office, there are currently 12, but I know there are some still in boxes from when I moved my office back home. And then there are some Christmas pigs that are packed away and . . .

Oh but you don't care about that. You just want to know who the winner is. There was a tie.

Winner #1: Josi, since you need postcards, I'll give you the postcard design as your prize.

Winner #2: Kandis — Go HERE and pick your prize.


Josi said...

Wohoooo! This totally made my day, Karlene! Thanks a million!

Suan said...

hey thanks...i will take prize #18