Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Need for Distraction

True confession #6 of psychological obstacles that keep me cluttered and disorganized.

This one is iffy for me. I'm not sure this is a problem, but it might be.

I almost skipped this obstacle entirely until I read this about Kevin (Julie's case history person):
[Kevin] hadn't been prepared for all the free mental space an organized office would give him. Suddenly his mind flooded with more distressing issues in his life. . .All these years his worries about being disorganized had conveniently distracted him from things he didn't want to think about. (Julie, OFIO, 30)

Fact 1: I worry a lot.

Fact 2: Worrying about clutter is easier than worrying about children, finances, and health because theoretically, I can do something about the clutter. If I wanted to. If I tried.

Fact 3: Squirrel!

Fact 4: Oops.

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