Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pick Your Prize (SNORT!)

My BFF Monte Hall joins us to help you pick a prize for the SNORT! contests.

If you've been notified that you're a winner, pick one of the prizes below.

This works just like Let's Make a Deal.

Each prize has been assigned a numbered box. Some prizes might be really cool. Others might be gag gifts.

You pick the box you like and you get the prize inside.

After a box is chosen, I'll post what was inside it.

Prize #1

Winner: Jeri

Prize: Pink Flower Photo Holder

Prize #2

Winner: Jess

Prize: Playing cards in plastic case
(The cards are nothing special, but the case is great for travelling.)

Prize #3

Winner: Suan

Prize: Sobe Lean Cranberry/Grapefruit
(One 20 oz bottle or fountain drink)

Prize #4

Winner: Annette Lyon

Prize: Mary Englebreit Sticky Notes

Prize #5

Winner: Erika

Prize: Mary Englebreit Photo Album

Prize #6

Winner: Cindy Beck

Prize: Pink Pig Keychain/Flashlight

Prize #7

Winner: Jeri

Prize: Red & Black Multi-Pocket Pouch

Prize #8

Winner: Julie Bellon

Prize: Mary Englebreit Note Cards

Prize #9

Winner: Natasha

Prize: Love Mints
(from Old Navy; sugar free, cinnamon)

Prize #10

Winner: Sandra

Prize: Candy Design Magnetic List Pad

Prize #11

Winner: Natasha

Prize: Flip Flop Bling Keychain

Prize #12

Winner: Luisa Perkins

Prize: Blue Booklight

Prize #13

Winner: Kandis

Prize: Cute Ceramic Pig

Prize #14

Winner: Morgan

Prize: White Pig Flashlight

Prize #15

Winner: Suan

Prize: Selection of my fav Sugar Free treats

Prize #16

Winner: Melanie Goldmund

Prize: Red Booklight

Prize #17

Winner: Nichole Giles

Prize: Mary Englebreit Note Cards

Prize #18

Winner: Kandis

Prize: Mary Englebreit Photo Album
(Yellow plaid, with bunny on cover, and says "Sweet Baby")

Prize #19

Winner: Annette Lyon

Prize: White Piggie Flashlight

Prize #20

Winner: Sandra

Prize: Pedicure Items

Prize #21

Winner: Elaine

Prize: Cat Bookmarks

Prize #22

Winner: Sandra

Prize: "Mini Office Kit"
(mini stapler, staples, staple remover & tape in a little bag)

Prize #23

Winner: Cindy Beck

Prize: Sleep Mask

Prize #24

Winner: Taffy

Prize: Green Mini Sharpie

Prize #25

Winner: Jess

Prize: Black Pig Eraser

Prize #26

Winner: Taffy

Prize: Travel Mug

Prize #27

Winner: Taffy

Prize: Travel Mug

Prize #28

Winner: Sandra

Prize: White Pig Eraser

Prize #29

Winner: Suan

Prize: Love Mints
(from Old Navy; sugar free, cinnamon)


Luisa Perkins said...

Holy Cow--they are all so cute. Ummmmm, I choose...#12!

Natasha Ireland said...

Yeah for your fun contests :) ...I choose Prize #9 (ps I LOVED watching lets make a deal game show) :)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

YAY! I can't believe I won something! I pick #8, since it's my lucky number and all. Thanks Karlene!

Erika said...

Oh man, too bad I didn't get online yesterday or earlier today so you could've known before the reception. Sadly I wasn't able to go because I'm here in Syracuse with my inlaws. I was originally planning on spending next week with them but they are now going out of town next week so I cam earlier than planned. I am so sad that I missed Meg's big day. I was really looking forward to it.

Anyway, I pick #7. I guess we'll have to figure out how to get it to me...any other ideas? :)

Jeri said...

Yeah!! I won something. I pick #1. just 'cause I'M #1!!!!!

Cindy Beck said...

Ooo, I just found out I won in the gross food contest. Wahoo, I'm psyched!

I choose prize 23, because I like the colors.

Thanks a bunch, Karlene.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited. I never win anything.I choose box 14.

Annette Lyon said...

Another prize! Yay! So hard to pick. But I'll go with #4.

Nichole Giles said...

Yahoo! A prize! I won a prize. I'm so excited because I never win drawings and stuff. Um, my son's birthday is on the 17th this month, so I'm going to choose number 17.

Thanks for the fun contest!


Jeri said...

How about # 7 or #26. They both looks like SUPER prizes. Thanks for the fun Non-road trip. It was FUN!

Susan said...

I'm so excited I won a prize! Yay! I'm going to pick #21 or 11 if 21 is taken. Thanks, Karlene!