Friday, June 26, 2009

Pigs In Love CD (Phase Two) WINNERS!

We've got our list of songs for the Pigs in Love CD! Yea!

This post is to announce the winners of two more prizes.

The first prize is for winner #2 for the SNORT That Song contest. For this contest, you had to have suggested songs for the CD, and then your song(s) had to be chosen as one of the top 10 songs in this survey.

I'll post the winning songs in a minute, but those who suggested those top 10 songs were:

Donna, Kandis, Sandra and Suan.

And the randomly drawn winner from the top 10 song suggesters is. . .

Sandra wins a copy of the Pigs in Love CD.

The next winner was chosen randomly from the Pigs in Love CD (Phase Two) contest. To be eligible for a prize in this one, you had to take the survey and vote for the songs that you thought should make the Top 10 list.

The winner of this contest is. . .

Taffy, go HERE and pick your prize. Also, send me your mailing address.

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