Friday, June 19, 2009

Pigs In Love CD Winner (Phase One)

A BIG Thank You to everyone who suggested songs for the Pigs in Love CD.

We had 84 suggested (some were duplicates), with 63 making it on the playlist at the bottom of this blog.

We have a huge variety of musical styles represented on the list. I promise, there's something for everyone there!

As promised, this is the first of three chances to win a copy of the Pigs in Love CD.

Here's how the winner was chosen:
  • I listed every suggested title in an Excel file, with credit given to the person suggesting it. If two people suggested the same song, they both got a spot on the list.
  • I sorted the list alphabetically to get them randomized really well.
  • I used to generate a random number.

And the winner is:


who suggested
When You Say Nothing at All by Alison Kraus

Donna, send me your mailing address. You will receive a copy of the Pigs In Love CD early in July.

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Jess said...

There are a lot of good ones...