Thursday, June 18, 2009

Master Haircutter of the Universe—CONTEST CLOSED

Remember that contest we did over a week ago? The one about my hair? The one I said I'd post pictures of?

Well, according to KST (Karlene Standard Time), today is the day to post the results. Yay!

First, a little something you need to know about my hair is that it is really a pain in the neck. It used to be thick and manageable, and would air dry looking nice needing very little fuss and little to no product to make it look good.

Then I had babies. Then surgery and ulcers. Then lost a lot of weight—and lost over 1/2 my hair. (Fortunately, I had a lot of it, so no one but me and my hair dresser noticed.)

NOW, my hair just looks awful no matter what I do to it. But I've found one stylist who does a great job. The cut makes all the difference. I love her cuts. If I were rich, I'd put her on retainer and have her come do my hair every day.

But back to the contest. Number 1, the Short Shag, won by a landslide. (And the contest winner will be posted in just a few minutes.)

Last Friday, I went to visit Shalana at the Emporium Salon in American Fork. I was stressed because even though I know Shalana does a great job on my hair, I'm always a little nervous about it. And with the wedding less than two weeks away, well, I needed a Sobe to keep me sane.

This is my "Before" picture.
Geez, those eyebrows need some work too.

A side view of the "before". That's Shalana in the mirror.

Shalana gives the best shampoos ever!
Imagine the best pedi you've ever had, then put that on your head. Heaven!

Shalana and another stylist who was taking the photos
got a little carried away here.

What makes Shalana's cuts so good?
I asked her. "It's the cross cut. You have to cross cut so it
doesn't wing out all over the place. You don't need to cut a lot, but
you need to cut every hair. Every single hair on your head needs
to know it's place in the world."

Okay. Whatever. I have no idea what that means.
I told her she should video herself cutting my hair and post it on YouTube.
That way, when she retires, I can still get a good cut.

"Karlene! Your hair doesn't have enough trollop!
It needs more trollop!"

So here she is, adding trollop.

Uhmmm, I'm hoping she is referring to
the purposefully tousled look of the shag. . .

Almost done. She's doing the final little snips and tons
of cross checking/cutting to make it perfect.

Now we blow dry.
I tried to watch her do it so I could repeat it at home but without
my glasses I can't see much of anything.

Straighten. This is key to getting the oddball kinks out of my hair.

I've had to have Megan help me a few times. I asked her if she
would do my hair for the wedding and she just laughed.
Why would she laugh?

And here's the "After" —from the side.

From the back.

And ta-da! From the front.
That's Shalana on the left, Master Haircutter of the Universe.

And here is a sneak peek of the little boutique that will be opening soon
at Emporium Salon. It's the "Julia D Collection"—darling vintage gifts.
There were so many cute things!

Another peek.

Now, the bad news is Shalana is not taking any new clients. But there are several stylists in the salon who are—Brittany, Cierra, Haley, Jessica, Nicole—and they all do a great job.

The salon is open Monday through Saturday. You can call 801-492-3830 to make an appointment.

Now playing on my iPod: In My Dreams by Eels.
(Saw this guy on Letterman last night. He's kind of odd but I love this song.)

This was an incredibly long post and if you read all the way down to the end, you deserve a prize. So here's a bonus contest. Leave a comment on this post—any comment about anything you want—before midnight on Sunday, June 21st. I'll choose a winner at random. (This is a secret contest. It won't be posted over in the sidebar like the other ones. It's only for my dedicated readers, who hang on my every word—and for whomever they tell about it.)


Chanté said...

Oh boy...I'm the first commenter. That means I won't win. BUT I had to comment about your hair. Since Shalana really is the 'master' and she taught me everything I know about hair...I just need a lot more practice to become as good as her! I love love love your hair like that.

p.s. I read your blog every time you post...I just don't comment! (sorry)

Suan said...

i read all the way to the end...
i love the hair cut. wish i had the guts to do something like that to my hair but it ( and me ) would probably go into shock :)

Susan said...

Your hair looks great. I love it. And how cute is that little boutique?? SO fun.

Jeri said...

looks great! you'll just have to make and early morning appt to have your hair done on the big day - that way you won't be worrying about it... and the bride can just worry about her OWN hair;)

Sandra said...

I could just hear Shalana's voice throught that whole post- especially about every hair knowing its place in the world. I love Shalana. She cracks me up.

Julie Wright said...

It looks fabulous!!!!!

Natasha Ireland said...

OH MY.......... Gosh.. so cute..pretty much that looks amaZing. Your one hot mama :)

Luisa Perkins said...

It is so great!!!!! I love it. I can't believe I won!!!!

Erika said...

I love your hair! It looks so good. It's amazing what a good cut will do.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

You look beautiful Karlene. :)

Anonymous said...

nice, I like it.