Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We're going out to eat tonight—our extended family and "the groom's" extended family. Meg & Kendall chose Chinese. I'm not a big fan of Chinese, but I am flexible and creative so I'll have a good time.

Which got me thinking—some people eat really weird combinations of things. About the weirdest thing I eat is mixing popcorn and sugar-free mint patties when I go to the movies. Or dip my bananas in chocolate pudding.

Or if I want to live really dangerously, I'll mix peanut butter cookies, bananas, vanilla bean ice cream, topped with hot fudge and Cool Whip (all sugar free, of course).

None of that seems very weird. Not like squirrel and dumplings or green beans and ketchup.

I'm sort of a plain-Jane type of eater, which is the polite way of saying that I'm really picky and really boring in my food choices.

What about you? What's the weirdest combination of foods that you eat?


Contest: Leave a comment telling us what your weirdest food combo is. (This needs to be something that you actually eat and like.)

Deadline: You have until midnight on Monday, June 29th to post your answer in the comments section. Two winners: 1) a random drawing from everyone that shares; and 2) my pick of THE weirdest food combo.

Prize: Your choice of any of the remaining prizes HERE.


Karlene said...

Melanie, I just emailed you back this morning. It's probably still bouncing around in China somewhere.

I intended to email you back the other day but got distracted. And then my Internet went down. And then I just plain forgot. Sooooo sorry.

Melanie Goldmund said...

I don't eat anything that could be construed as weird, although some people do raise their eyebrows when I tell them about one of my favourite main dishes. It has apples, onions, tomatoes, hamburger and either ham or bacon bits, all fried together, then topped with mashed potatoes and baked in the oven.

Melanie Goldmund said...

Thanks, Karlene! I hate that you can't edit your own comments, you can only delete and start over. Oh, well! :-)

Annette Lyon said...

I grew up with this as normal, but as an adult found out it's weird, but I like it:

Tomato soup with tuna.

Sandra said...

The kids think it is weird that I put tuna and picante in my mac and cheese.

Also, since I got my juicer I have made some pretty weird combos. One of my favorites is beets, cucumbers, apples, oranges, lemons, celery and wheat grass.

Jess said...

Im to picky to really eat normal food let alone weird food ha ha but I do like to dip my sour cream and onion chips in my milk.

Cindy Beck said...

Well, after reading the comments, I'm thinking I'm definitely out weirded :) ... but I like hardboiled eggs dipped in vinegar.

By the way, I mentioned your contest at Facebook, and thanked you for my piggy flashlight there. Wanted to give you a little PR for your contests since you sent me such a cute prize!

Anonymous said...

i still love scrambled egg sandwiches with mustard! and I will always love oreos with banana in between dipped in milk. nut my favoriye is cheese pickle and miriclewhip sandwich, oh and grilled peanut butter and marshmellow cream sandwiches, oh i gotta go eat something